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A pre-owned laptop: why, where and how to buy -

Why it is okay to buy a pre-owned laptop? Because pre-owned doesn’t mean old or broken anymore. Pre-owned is more like last season edition. Thus, you’ll get a laptop in a good keep at low price. The best place to look for such devices is classifieds. is a free online service, which is becoming more and more popular with time. This is the answer for where. And how is also quite simple.

Jiji offers a wide range of services and items. There are more than ten categories representing different stuff: Fashion and Beauty, Babies and Kids, Pets, Home and Garden, Electronics, Vehicles etc. 
You should check out Computers and Laptops – the one that has gathered all adverts about pre-owned laptops. 

Apply some filters, click on several tags (you’ll see those immediately after you open the proper page), and adjust the results as desirable. If you know exactly what you want to buy, then just type it in the special line. 
To find out specifications and performance, click on a particular advert, and it will appear together with owner’s contacts, users’ feedback and comments. It is followed by the list of similar offers and provides some safety reminders. Pick something and contact a seller. That’s it.

Jiji is a reliable classifieds, and you can be completely confident in your safety and privacy. All you need is just common sense, comfortable location, and the Internet connection.