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Douglas Izie-Enogieru: Making Award Winning African Movies From Liberia To Nigeria

Douglas Izie-Enogieru is my Name. I am a Film-maker. I write and produce as well as direct. I'm the Principal Initiator; Brainchild Motion pictures.
A platform that Identifies, and nurtures creative elements into more relevant creative Artesians.
We are generally a Film Production company with special interest in telling African stories the African way.
There are a number of projects currently going on with us here at Brainchild Motion pictures. Before I name a few, Let me seize this opportunity to Introduce our very last Short Film ZYRA" written and Directed by Douglas Izie-Enogieru Of Brainchild Motion Pictures and Produced by Iyen Agbonifo-Obaseki, National President Creative and Designers Guild Of Nigeria. The Film deals with issues relating to Goodwill, Breast Cancer and Education of Children. 

We are currently writing a short Interrogation Film Screenplay for Award Winning Filmmaker Nuhu Dalyop of D'Lyrics Films". Also we are working on our First Experimental Short Film on Female Genital mutilation" a Film that will be shot fully in a new Film studio located in Benin City and Kings Crown Multi Media will be Partnering with Us. 
Ours is a young and friendly organisation that is saddled with creative responsibilities of all sorts. Our culture is to provide creative satisfaction to all.

Let it be on record that Brainchild Motion pictures started back in Liberia in the middle of 2012 with "Before The Ring" being our first Film followed by "Sophia's Pain", "If Only" and now "ZYRA". So I would say producing Four Films since inception under the Company's name is worth it.

Our recurrent challenges have been Finance and lack of profitable cooperation from governments.
To deal with uncertainties, since our business hasn't got to do with everyday buying and selling, we try to create long term motivations for our partners and patrons.
Apart from film making, I will love to have a creative home for indigent persons (Orphanages).

In the next 5 years, we should be bigger and better in the minds, hearts and lips of every African since our mission is to creatively tell African stories the African way.

What I love about doing business in Nigeria is its free, and competitive and population. And its favours with good weather.

However in Nigeria, I do not like the lack of grants, Security (Piracy law enforcement), and unstable power supply.

I recommend that every CEO should read wide, be receptive to criticism and motivate staff or volunteers in their organisations to get their best.

Brainchild Motion pictures is in need of a creative publicist and PR.

Our contacts: 
LIKE our page on Facebook at BrainChild Motion Pictures, 
Follow us on Twitter @Enogieru_Films 
or call 08145688515, 08159180739.
Thanks for having me.