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Fit Fab & Alive Wellness Coach, Aruoriwo Enifome Akinyoyenu Unveils the Erumu Creations Brand

Dear CEO,

You need to meet Iwo, someone I want you to pay attention to her story, majorly because her business shows the infinite opportunities Social media provides and why we must stay fit. 


Erumu Creations is a Wellness Company. We provide practical solutions for optimum results in Beauty, Health and Lifestyle. Our services include skin care consultation, makeup services, fitness, nutrition, fat flush (popularly known as weight loss), corporate wellness, seminars and trainings.

I am launching a program called FitFabPreggy this September. Our sister program FatFlushChallenge will run simultaneously. Both programs employ the use of social media – BBM, WhatsApp & Facebook.

For now as the Chief Errand Officer, the bulk of work is done by me. However, I have resource personnel that work with me on part time basis based on the projects at hand. Also putting a structure in place that will enable us train and retrain potential staffs and others who want to acquire skills in our line of business.

Erumu Creations was the official makeup artist for MTN Project Fame from season 2-6 (2009-2013). We were also the official makeup artist for MAMA Awards 2012. We have worked with a number of celebrities. Hosted four seminars tagged 'Beauty Revealed' and where honoured to have facilitators such as Joke Silva, Nimi Akinkugbe, Adesuwa ONyenokwe, Dr Maymunah Kadiri, Dr Vivian Oputa, Kaffy, Mavi Isibor, Abisola Longe, Pauline Rumm, and a host of others.

We have hosted several e-robics outing with over 200 people in attendance. Since we started our Fat Flush Challenge in April last year, over 300 people have been part of it with amazing testimonies to show for it.
We currently run a program called Fit Fab And Alive on Metro 97.7Fm in Lagos State which airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm.

The greatest challenge was when my Wellness Club started witnessing low turnout as people got busier in trying to make ends meet. Many people are health conscious but creating time has been the greatest challenge especially when the little time left would rather be spent with family and for rest or leisure.
I have learnt to be innovative, thanks to the Holy Spirit who gives me inspiration none stop. Every challenge or trying time is a window of opportunity to make the next big hit.

My social media program was born out of a seemingly trying time in business. I had to think outside the box and today it has served me well and still does. I love to ask loads of questions as well as find solutions once I am passionate about something. It can really be tough but you just have to keep going except it is not a passion or life's calling. For me, giving value is the greatest satisfaction of all.

Apart from this business, I love the mic – I sing professionally, am a budding Master of Ceremony, a presenter, a voice over artist and a facilitator. I write (currently write for I am an ideas person. I love to create content or programs. I love to work with teenage girls, I love the ministry of motherhood and wifehood (laughs).

Erumu Creations will definitely be a global brand, one of the foremost in Africa. Our products and services will have patronage from practically all over the world. Our TV and radio programs will be highly sort after.

Social media has really made doing business really easy. Most of my clients were gotten through social media. I also like the fact that Nigerians can take a risk with a product or service once they believe it will work. I am grateful to everyone who has taken such a chance working with Erumu Creations.

For StartUp CEOs, I will advise that you never ever give up on yourself or your dream. Keeping giving value even if you seem to lose. In the end, it will pay off.
Get a business mentor!!! Remain flexible…life is in phases and stages and most of all let God be the centre of it all.

What else? Oh yes! I don get belle, Godwin (laughs). Even though it's my third, it feels like my first. I am so excited because I am sharing this experience with many other preggies as well as inspiring everyone to be FITTER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER!

Isn't her story amazing? 
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