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How To Start A Small Business: Jenny Chisom On Twitter - Transcript

    Dear CEO,
   You remember I told you about my Twitter Business conference on the Gen Live Cast platform HERE, here are all the tweets that I shared. I thought I should share with you.

    Read on...

        It’s Happy Thursday to you all from my corner in Abuja, Nigeria where I am tweeting from. Thanks for joining us. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

2.  Do follow us via the hashtag #GenLiveChat and @genlivechat as I bring how-to-start-a-small-business kit. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

3.  My name is Jenny Chisom, and I started a small business from my passion in 2009, registered it with the CAC in 2010. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

4.  I think we will have a great time in few minutes because I will also be sharing my zero naira start up business model. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

5.  That business is the reason you met my twitter handle and think I may make sense. 

6.   Starting a business is not easy but it is also not rocket science. Demystify it by following your passion. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

7.  As an individual, 4 major skills define me. Reading, Writing, Telling stories and developing good investment worthy ideas. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
8.   As a child, most of what fascinated me on TV were advertorials especially great ones. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
9.   I loved and still love the way companies tell their brand story through their advertorials. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
10.              I started reading very early and when I was age 7, I could read the bible with understanding. I was in primary 3. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
11.              I fought my self awareness through my parents’ choice of a university course until I could study English and Literary Studies. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
12.              Those were my best subjects in primary, secondary and I had fun travelling the world through books while I read. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
13.              My dad thought it didn’t make sense that I just wanted to study English language. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

14.              Like my mum the telling story part of me saw me perform well as good teacher in my mum’s school and during my NYSC. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
15.              Yet I was to finish NYSC and begin job search especially writing  a lot of bank aptitude tests. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
16.              While in school, I was the class mate that can get every information that others ignore and let everyone know. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
17.              I was naturally a reader and read everything from comics to “Every woman”.. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
18.              …beyond that I could spot context and grammatical errors in writing even when others have proofread. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

19.              I learnt 8 business models anyone can adopt and any business fits into. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
20.              Also you can start a business from your passion or start from another profit orientation as an investor, if you have money to invest. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
21.              You can also develop your talent and later direct your profession or hobby along those lines for profit. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
22.              Starting a small business doesn’t mean you do not have money to start, it means you are starting-off. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
23.              Also you can start a business from your passion or start from another profit orientation as an investor, if you have money to invest. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
24.              …and structurally do not have an investment of more than 5 million naira, and have less than 10 staff. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
25.              I advice you start a business by thinking of a solution to a problem that worries you. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
26.              That kind of business gives you the right dose of passion, and will get profit because you marketing will be humane. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
27.              I started a small content publishing service company @LogosAudibles from my worry of seeing lots of grammatical errors. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
28.              The errors were more common with books by Nigerian authors and I felt responsible for not helping them. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
29.              Think! What bothers you? What can you do about it? That might be your business cue. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
30.              It is easy to see this passion in most founders of NGOs and humanitarian services. They usually love people. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
31.              Loving people and helping them get out of hurt or rehabilitating them has birthed lots of NGOs and Civil rights organisations. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
32.              Before you think of starting a business, first understand your personality type. Are you a natural leader? #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
33.              If not, you may be a team player, so may decide to set up a business in partnership with others you trust. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
34.              Decide what solution, you want to bring. Is it a product or a service? #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
35.              Then think of which people your products and services will cater for. That’s your market. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
36.              Think of what problem your product/service will solve in society. That’s your business pitch. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
37.              Think of your industry and choose a niche that is unique to you or you can afford first. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

38.              Think of the skills you will need and the manpower you need to employ. Be specific. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
39.              Take stock of all your skills that the business needs, then think of the skills you need to outsource. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
40.              For me, I needed to outsource book design, illustrations, and printing while concentrating on proofreading. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
41.              What about your business do you need people to do for you? I also did my own marketing for a start. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

42.              Back to the 8 business models, assuming your industry of passion is fashion. What exactly is your fashion interest? #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
43.              The first model is “Just do it” - One track. Designing your own clothes as a fashion entrepreneur,  (DIY) Biz model. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
44.              Second model is “Sell it” Biz model – come up with products that you could sell that relate directly or indirectly to your fashion. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
45.              Example: Open a boutique, create an online store and sell other fashion designers’ clothes etc #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
46.              Third model is “Talk about it” – Share information on your passion and get paid sharing the information. Like own a fashion blog. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
47.              For example Fashionistas turned bloggers, make fashion TV shoots, make documentaries, make presentations, on topic of interest. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
48.              Fourth model is “Offer advices on it” – Be a consultant by working with clients one-on-one in a customised fashion. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
49.              For example, be a fashion stylist or fashion consultant for individuals or organisations. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
50.              Fifth model is “Invest in it”- Fund a budding fashion line for example and make profit. Rent your space for fashion shows, exhibitions. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
51.              Sixth model is “Make Technology for it” - Think of something that will improve your industry. That way you cleverly find your niche. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
52.              Is there a machinery or app that you can create that will make life easier for fashion? #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
53.              Like an app that can help plan their daily outfit, or design their wardrobe etc. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
54.              Seventh model is “Build a community/event around it”- Think of ways to rally people around your passion. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
55.              Example, host a fashion show and invite maybe budding student-fashionistas to showcase their talents. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
56.              The Eighth model is “Maintain It”- Offer a service that can maintain your fashion interest. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
57.              Example as a fashion lover, you can start a laundry service to care for clothing, accessories or a tailor/alteration shop. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
58.              These models are always on my mind when I think of a business idea, since I studied it. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

59.              This is the reason I am comfortable being a Blogger consultant and train on blogging. Remember my story telling skills? #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
60.              After this, write a business plan. Not anything sophisticated. Just a clear plan for your business that you can follow. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
61.              It will guide you and you always refer to it as you progress. Google how to write a business plan. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
62.              Then start with what you have and what your siblings, parents, relatives, and friends have that you need. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
63.              I started offering editing/proofreading services when I couldn’t afford a laptop. I borrowed from my friends when I got a manuscript. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
64.              I started telling people about my services. And used my facebook page to tell my contacts. Referrals started coming. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
65.              Today, I still run a virtual office at, with channel partners, but have edited over 50 manuscripts. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
66.              I have helped 13 writers become first time authors, without borrowing or getting into a financial mess. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
67.              If you can start from your house, don’t go looking for money to rent an office. Or better still use a friend’s office. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

68.              Other tips to note is  pay attention to what people depend on you for? That can give you an idea. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
69.              Do not invest a lot of money into a business you haven’t researched properly or understood fully. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
70.              Do not hire staff that you do not need. Let the business need bring about hiring a fit skill. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
71.              What have been your business experience so far? Tell me about it, let’s trash it. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
72.              My name is jenny chisom, I am a CEO blogger at, and a PR blogger at #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
73.              I am the CEO of Logos Audibles and one of our projects is for bloggers. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
74.              Called the LOGiN Blogging Enterprise Project and the alumni form the @LOGiNBloggers Network. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
75.              Together we organise the biggest Nigerian #BloggersParty in Abuja, this year will be the 3rd edition. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
76.              I hate poverty and believe everyone’s wealth is within them and they must find it to escape from suffering. #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat
77.             More questions please? #GenLiveChat @GenLiveChat

Did you think any of the principles, resonates with you? Do share please.

*Toast to you*


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