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Kingsley Obinna Obijiaku and the Twizzle Frisky Apparel Brand Revolution

You gotta meet this Fabric designer who ditched his Civil Engineering career and is now clothing people in a customised way! 

Meet Obijiaku Obinna Kingsley
Read his thoughts...

I'm a Civil engineering graduate. I practised for a year, but didn't like the career, so I decided to follow my dream. To key into my major strengths, skills set which is Ideas Conceptualization, marketing & business management. So in a nut shell, I am an entrepreneur, and a writer (article writing and song writing too).
I love the word of God and I share it!

The brand 'Twizzle Frisky Apparel' is working on her first year end collection... We'll be centred on a popular phrase we coined from the scriptures which is 'Honour Thy Father'. So most of the clothings in this collection would have this unique inscriptions. We'll be presenting it in an aesthetic fashion coupled with a mix of graphics -body fitted with comfortable fabrics to suit the weather conditions for the men (harmattan and rainy days) then something rather trendy for the ladies.

It will be loose fit, a bit adventurous too, perfect for all occasions and quite affordable too.

We hope this project would promote the brand. So now we are not too concerned with profit making per say.

Twizzle Frisky Apparel runs a divisional organisational structure where each head In each division sees to it that he/she carries out the tasks allocated. All the heads (production, logistics, marketing) converge often to discuss ideas and reports from their division. Remuneration are paid based on each individual's contribution.

My greatest achievement so far has been creating, promoting and sustaining of the brand, 'twizzle frisky'. This brand created in 2011 has gained much popularity and the brand perception would only improve In the following years to come.
The recurring challenges are the similar issues faced by SMEs in the country - Lack of government funding, high cost of operations, substandard fabrics in the market and so on.

During periods of low patronage by our customers, we focus on other business models like providing brand support tools for other businesses and organising training session for would-be-designers.

My other interests? I also represent a distribution company that would soon be marketing nationwide a very effective product called Bump & Blemish. We are currently registering the product with NAFDAC and it would be in stores and shelves before the end of the year.

I see Twizzle Frisky Apparel having landed outlets in the country with a wider range of collections of Office shirts and Ready-to-wear casual attires too.
I love the doggedness of Nigerian entrepreneurs and also the resilience and creativity to stay in business regardless of the unfavourable conditions experienced especially in the production sector. Customers too can be quite encouraging when they feel like it.(Laughs)

On the flip side, some customers can be quite too demanding, sometimes making unrealistic demands (what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger). Also the economy isn't anything to write home about. Dollar rate/price is messing up the business for us. 

If you are a CEO, or aspiring to be, then i think you must be passionate, creative and packaged, as they are key for growth. Profit making should not be a priority initially. Ensure to derive personal total satisfaction from your business first then the rest can follow.

Reach me on +2348063917836
And follow me on Instagram @twizzlefrisky and I will follow back.


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