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                                                                                                                        Segun Akande possesses extensive experience in diverse business fields including Financial Services, Recruitment, Hospitality, Business Research, Training, and Sales. 

His desire and passion to Coach, Teach, and Develop people of all levels and backgrounds into relationship-focused and results-orientated individuals in their professional lives sets him apart.

He is widely acknowledged as an expert on Sales, Communication Skills, Customer Services, and Relationship Building & Management.

He heads the board and drives the growth and profitability of the SBA Group, the leading data provider for African capital markets. Based in Lagos, Nigeria the SBA Group has close partnerships with Reuters, Bloomberg, and The Financial Times Interactive Data, as well as clients including Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital.  He is also instrumental to the development of SBA’s Training arm, SBA Interactive.

Segun brings to the fore a solid background in all aspects of Sales and Customer Service, as well as a genuine desire and passion to train and develop people of all levels and backgrounds into relationship-focused and result-orientated individuals in their professional and personal lives. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the most inspiring educators and Transformation Agents in the country today.

Aside from his business interests Segun is also passionate about the growth and development of the African continent, founding ‘Bell Phoenix Rise’ in May 2014 - a youth organisation that is dedicated to reducing employment, and enabling people to identify and achieve their purpose. 

Facebook: Segun Akande
Twitter: @iamsegunakande

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