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Why Digital Business is the new African entrepreneurship grail?

Thanks to the rise of new technologies, several projects and employments are created gradually in the digital sector. In spite of the weak internet penetration rate in Africa, initiatives are always taken, with lots of success but also with crowned of failures. 

In less of a decade, new concepts of enterprises have been successfully implemented in Africa. Several firms involving in revolutionary solutions have been created on domains such as e-commerce; food services; clothe services; high-tech devices; health; finance and use of plastic money; delivery services; etc. Every segment is explored and everyone finds the best way of structuring his/her service or product in the order to be better digitized.
Since 2013, more than a thousand of emerging start-up is checked off principally in great Africa cities. With the advent of computer sciences at the beginning of 2000's, several young entrepreneurs have implicated themselves in software creation. 

During the 2010's, with the desire of responding more to precise social needs, many millions apps have been aroused all over the world. Samuel Bamal, CEO and creator of Shoower, a GPS-Social Network-Telephone Directory unified apps made in Cameroon, found fitting to show directions and answers to all type of query. "People were lacking crucial information and data about some simple facts, spots, firms or services in their daily life. I found necessary to set up my apps Shoower".

Nowadays, Internet has become one of the best investment sectors in long term. Thus, many individuals and even important foreign incubators such as Rocket Internet or Millicom, invest abroad. Africa is the century bearer-market. There are powerful reasons to believe in Africa: enhancing events for promoting start-ups; incubators prompt to accompany young and ambitious businessmen (and businesswomen); several inspiring success-stories arousing admiration and entrepreneurship desire. Lorna Rutto, 28, founder of Green Tech is a model in Kenya.

Moreover, one of the most famous examples of inspiring start-ups in Nigeria is the one of MMONigeria. It provides coaching, support, tools, training towards Nigerian internet entrepreneurs). In Cameroon, the e-commerce domain has been metamorphosed with the impact of Kaymu, an online marketplace linking buyers and sellers and run by Candace Bisseck. "Young entrepreneurs need to be supported and to be accompanied because they are the tomorrow winning values", as has said Dr. Emugua, founder of ScientTechnica in Tanzania. 

Talking about accompaniment, the fund matter is always the principal pitfall of starting entrepreneurs in Africa. Banks are generally very stingy on loans. Remy Tebong, a young enterprise creator, admit that: "despite the advices of some famous entrepreneurs, it's always harder for a young starter to get funds for launching our proper business". Undertaking to be quite sure of promoting development in Africa, the Nigerian tycoon Tony Elumelu (Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program [TEEP]) had selected some start-ups to be financed by his group. He is one of those who act in that way. The continent is promising and having success there, requires being hard-working.


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