5 Gadgets for Small Businesses by Jovago

Most entrepreneurs around the world start their businesses small. Often, they need to work anytime, anywhere, moving fast and light. As a result, it becomes extremely important that they own gadgets that suit their lifestyle accordingly.

Luckily, there is no shortage of high-tech
products and gadgets on the market to choose from and with the right combination, any small business owner can find everything they may need to run their business out of a knapsack. With the seemingly endless array of sparkly new objects in market today though, business owners find it difficult to make a choice.

Jovago.com, Africa's No.1 online hotel booking service steps in with a list of essential gadgets that can turn a small business into a huge success.

One of the super-thin ultra-books now saturating the high-tech market, HP Folio offers the small business man high value features including an astounding amount of connectivity, an Ethernet jack, a USB 3.0 port, an SD card slot and possibly the most user-friendly keyboard in the market. With its weight at just a little over 3lbs, the Ultrabook is smaller and lighter than a full-size laptop, however it is just as powerful.

A magnificent cross between a phone and a tablet, this gadget is not just highly portable, it is extremely functional and versatile, very well suited to the executive who has to work on-the-go. The large screen is perfect for perusing e-mails and navigating other office functions as well as Android-based
business apps, it offers up to 32 GB with an add-on SD card, yet the hardware is petite enough to fit in your pocket. The device is certainly very affordable, considering its features and functions,
at about $299.

Created essentially for iOS users, the PaySaber is a time-saving get-paid-on-the-go solution for small business owners with an iPhone.  A simple barcode swipe allows a user to easily scan their products at the time of purchase, while PaySaber calculates the total, taxes, discounts, and mores, ensuring the order is ready to be paid for. The device also includes a built-in thermal printer for paper receipts and even a barcode scanner that allows you to sell physical, barcoded inventory.


An essential for serious video conferencing, the BCC950 ConferenceCam device, designed by the
Swiss device-maker Logitech, provides top-notch video and sound for small meetings. It has major videoconferencing features, including a full-motion, HD studio-quality webcam. It however requires high-quality broadband internet service to work properly.

An award-winning mobile scanner that makes it easy to go paperless everywhere on the move, the Doxie One is a small business owner's best friend. Featuring an ultra-portable, wireless scanner rechargeable batteries, built-in memory, higher resolution scanning, SD slots and astonishing software, the device converts your papers, receipts, and photos to digital formats, no computer required. All you need to do is upload them directly to the cloud or sync with your laptop or computer.

Ndem Nkem
Travel/Tech Writer
Jovago Nigeria