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50 French CEOs in Nigeria This Week to Meet with President Buhari and Business Leaders

Tomorrow, October 5, 50 French CEOs will be meeting with President Buhari and then the business community on varied investment opportunities.

This business trip organised by the Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF) is the first delegation of French CEOs to an African country.

My fellow CEOs, I was excited to read that the President of MEDEF, Pierre Gattaz accepted that even though France has a lot to offer Africa, Nigeria has much more that France can gain from.

It is good to cash in on opportunities, and that is evident with these French CEOs. They had met with President Buhari doing his visit to Paris, a few weeks ago and have taken it further by delegating 50 of members of MEDEF out of 800, 000 to visit Nigeria this week.

In my research I found out that MEDEF's objective is to make France a winner and its only obsession is employment.

What is your business objective?