Being A Man In Nigeria Launches In Abuja

The landmark research book "Being A Man In Nigeria" is being launched today by Voices4Change at Sheraton Abuja Hotel! I am so excited!

Emeka Nobis and more professional men and also women have downloaded the book and started reading too!

Hope you got the LINK I sent you? Do let me know if you download it or you have any issues downloaded! I can help!

I'm off to Sheraton!

But before I go, I didn't tell you guys that Abuja bloggers had a cocktail, hosted by GOTNI last night and it was a great time to tour, network and forge alliances but more so to confess that we haven't done so well for Nigeria and we are set to do more now!

Trust Linus Okorie to get the truth out of bloggers like us especially Omojuwa! We simply had a fantastic night out!

Let's make #BeingAManInNigeria more fun! Women have a role to play!

Happy Thursday CEOs!