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Being A Man In Nigeria: Perceptions and Realities Part 1

It is common knowledge that more and more women are getting economically empowered and most men are feeling victimised especially in Nigeria.

This is my first part of a series from a landmark research made by Voices4Change, an NGO in Nigeria. I crave your feedback, as we try to find answers to beliefs around feminism and masculinity stereotypes with a view to reducing violence and intimidation of women in enterprises.

Check this out!

Why won't you travel in a bus from Lagos to Abuja, just because the driver of that bus happens to be a woman?

A friend of mine argues that he will disembark at the knowledge of the gender of the driver of such a vehicle?

I also know that ladies like me, love it when our hair stylist is a man and also we relish dishes made by chefs! So what's the big deal about a woman long distance driver? Lolz

TWO THINGS I WANT FROM YOU is your answer and then you get a FREE eBook!

My question is "what sort of job or business would a man engage in, and you will think it is demeaning for him?"

Download the book "Being A Man In Nigeria - Perceptions and Realities! This book was downloaded 2000 times in few days. It has also generated lots of reactions in homes and also on Social media. Check out #BeingAManInNigeria to get a scoop! You will love to read it too!

Download link - CLICK HERE

I love your honest feedback!

*Toast To You*


Kayode Oguntade said…
frankly many times i have seem male driver that would rather ask the ladies not seat in the front seat on long journeys. But now a lady driver, I most likely would change my mind on travelling. Don't blame me oh.

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