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Meet the Thought Leader: Emeka Nobis

The name Emeka Nobis sure rings a bell with writers and BBM money makers but after I chatted with this man, it was obvious he is building an International intellectual empire. This Engineer turned Thought leader is blazing a trail. Enjoy our chat...

Can other CEOs meet you?
I'm an artist - I create literary pieces that evince change. I'm a thought leader. My mission to raise exceptional thought leaders for organizations and society. I do this primarily through training interventions, coaching, public speaking, and writing. 

I pen my thoughts on my blog - I utilize the social media a lot to spread my ideologies. By helping folks recreate their thought lives, they can live their best life always. 

Are you working on any particular project?
Yes, I'm working on two projects actually. The first project is a book for employees. It's aimed at helping employees tame their bosses via emotional connectivity. The book will be freely distributed. We are targeting 5000 downloads on the day of its unveiling. To do this, I've raised a community of people who will discuss the book's offerings in a private Facebook community. We shall also discuss strategies for shipping the work out to as many souls that need to be helped by its contents. 

The second one is starting a subscription-based Facebook community in January 2016. It's a group where I shall teach thought leaders on the systems and processes for establishing clarity of their message, growing a formidable platform intent on feeding an established clientele/tribe, monetizing the message, and automating the distribution of products (coaching, books, trainings).

Describe your organisational culture/style of business? 
My organizational culture is hinged on exceptional service delivery to the tribe that needs our message to re-frame their paradigm and embrace progressivism. 

Have you had any biggest achievement as a business brand since inception?
Yes, I've designed a system called LEDGE. It's a 6 month coaching system of processes that help thought leaders and writers to gain clarity of their message, understand the psychology of their art, hone their craft, and build formidable platforms based on exceptional delivery.

Currently, I'm testing the system on a client. Another will join the fray this month. By their results, I shall then project it to the larger public. 

Any recurrent challenges so far?
In Nigeria where patronage of intellectual services is low, acceptance by the people we seek to reach is  a numbing challenge. You call for seminars and the turnout is not as ideal as expected. However, we continue to tweak our offerings, deepen our understanding of consumer psychology, and then redesign our processes to be able to reach our targets. 

Also, as with budding businesses that are maturing, finances to execute projects are so very limited. I seek to automate many offerings of ours so that clients needing them can engage at their own disposal. With time, I will build a learning annex where we will focus on high impact training services in line with our own training modules. 

Are there times of low patronage or uncertainty? If yes, how do you manage it?
I ride the waves of low patronage by scrimping on expenditure and increasing my multitasking efforts. I've learnt Corel Draw and photography and so I can design my ebooks myself and cover my own events. 

Interesting! (laughs) What are your other interests apart from this business?
I have interests in consulting in business processes and organizational leadership. I'm currently undergoing training at DELIVER Consulting, Lagos, in order to design training and consulting interventions to corporate organizations. 

I'm also interested in setting up a photography outfit someday.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?
A friend said he'll not be surprised to see me address the United Nations General Meeting. He said he will be surprised if I don't That, to me, is prophetic. In 5 year, I see my brand as being famous to the family that I seek to serve. Fame doesn't mean becoming a celebrity in the societal definition of it, but becoming incrementally relevant to the lives and organizations that I serve as a thought leader. 

I see the brand getting international acclaim, blessing lives, and forming larger tribes that can perpetuate progressive cultures via the principles of thought leadership.

What do you love about doing business in Nigeria? I love doing business in Nigeria because there are no cut-throat taxes that stifle the life of budding businesses. As businesses involved in cerebral offerings, we are not so compelled to obtain licences. For example, to coach someone (apart from disciplines like health, law, and engineering) we don't require licences to help folks move from point A to point B. 
What don't you like about doing business in Nigeria?
I don't like it because we have to become self-sufficient in order to run our businesses. Most businesses spend lots on power. They buy generators and fuel to power them. 

For me, it's awful because I spend lots on powering my generator so that my computer systems and other hardware that I use can function. 

I've always harped it. Government can focus on just 3 key areas - security, roads/rail network, and power. Once these are in place, businesses can spring up and boost the economy of this nation. 

What's your advice for budding CEOs? 
For budding CEOs, planning is essential. For those willing to transit from paid employment to their own enterprises, they should spend time planning and setting up systems upon which the enterprise can run effectively.  Straddle both streams till a point that you have got the leading to make a jump. 

A system simply defines how you can achieve a goal that has been pre-planned. For example, if you want to coach top executives on peak performance, a system can entail knowing the requisite trainings needed, how to reach them, how to retain their patronage, and the cash flow funnel from the products you design for serving them.

Any other thing we need to know?
Yes. I'm a trained engineer, but what I do today as a thought leader has been through diligence to commit my energy to what it takes to serve in the capacity I've designed for myself to serve. Show up and do the work it takes. Be consistent, gun for expanded knowledge, and connect with the right people for the expansion of your reach. 

Starting out is the easy part of the whole deal. The sustenance of your enterprise is the bloody part. Project an ideology worth buying into by the processes of product design and delivery.

Invest in yourself without stopping. Read, read, read, and read. Then apply. Tweak what needs to be tweaked. Apply empathy. The people your business serves matters a lot in the scheme of things. Respond to their needs, their takes on your offerings and predilections. That helps to build brand loyalty.

Thanks you for your time Emeka.

Very insightful!


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