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Nana Sekyere; Of Owusu Amofah Consult Ghana and Nigeria

My name is Nana Owusu Sekyere Amofah, founder of Owusu Amofah Consult, a service marketing company, in Ghana operated from Dansoman Estates, Accra, with an operational office in Abuja, Nigeria.

Owusu Amofah Consult specializes in education consultancy and has developed a recruitment concept called International Student Network Ghana (ISN Ghana) that provides free advice, impartial counselling and application services to prospective students wishing to study in universities in Ghana or Abroad.

Our style of business is solely online application however friendships are built during the application process, while applicants are still students and upon their return to their home countries.
Our biggest achievement has been, the ability to have all universities in Ghana connected to our recruitment concept.
My biggest challenge has been language barrier. Our inability to fully penetrate the French speaking countries in Africa and the others.

As an Entrepreneur, I have learnt that risk taking is a major part of attaining success. Therefore low patronage only gives us the opportunity to work harder.

I am into cleaning services and I just started a small back yard animal farm that rears grass-cutter and rabbits. 

With God's grace and might, I see Owusu Amofah Consult becoming a household name in Africa in the next five years. A brand that can be fully relied on for all education consultancy services and more.

Nigeria is the economic power house of Africa. Therefore if your business is accepted in Nigeria, it definitely translates to the rest of Africa and the world as a whole.

Well, my only dislike about doing business in Nigeria is only realized whenever I am in Nigeria and that is unfriendly traffic situations in the major states where business thrives...but that has also taught me to always leave for appointments an hour ahead of time.

My simple advice to budding CEOs is to always put God first in all their endeavours, dream big and never take NO as an answer because nothing is impossible for those that believe.

My next big thing coming up is called GhaNaija. It is basically a platform for celebrating the beautiful friendship existing between Ghana and Nigeria.