Nigerian CEOs Agree On a Set of Business Values for Economic Transformation: A JCB Poll

In the spirit of Nigeria's 55 independence celebration, I administered a survey through my BBM. I asked "What can entrepreneurs do with their businesses to make Nigeria's economy more prosperous?"

My catch was to see how we can have a business review so as to upgrade our style of business to reflect our national greatness. Here are some of the responses I got from eminent Nigerians across several sectors.

AYOBAMI said entrepreneurs have to look for ways to add more value and empower the unemployed.

IDRIS MAMMAN thinks Entrepreneurs should focus more on value and job creation models to drive forward development and boost Nigeria's economy.

TEAJAY CHUNU encourages CEOs to tackle more social challenges rather than strategize to grab the next loosed cow.

OKENWA said it should be the provision of valuable products.

TIMI TIAMYMU thinks Nigerian businesses should focus more on value to customers, communities and countries than profit for the owners or shareholders as the case may be.

For UCHENNA CLEVER KING, investing in Agriculture is key.

OLAJIDE BAMIDELE re-echoed that entrepreneurs should focus more on solving problems within their immediate environment than just making money.

TOPE VIEW on the other hand, opined that solving problems and making deals with high level of integrity is important and not cutting corners or paying bribes to get jobs.

ANTHONY ALOYE OGHIEAKHE thinks entrepreneurs must grow their revenue base and in turn their profits so they can Hire more human resource.

Patriotism comes to play as OLUWABUKUNMI MOTUNRAYO said that entrepreneurs need to believe more in themselves and in Nigeria.

The analysis proposes valuable products, growing corruptionless profit, investment in societal issues, integrity, and of course a firm strong belief in the greatness of Nigeria.

Don't you agree?