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Nigerian CEOs Weekend HangOut:

Dear Enterprise leader,

Saturdays have a way of making us relax even If you have a lot to do. So hope you are relaxed and restrategizing for next week and even 2016?

I thought I should bring some House-keeping tips:
Here at JCB, we are passionate about enterprises run by Nigerian natives or other natives in Nigeria. Our best style is Interview and Enterprise reporting, so we do PR for your organisation.

Our vision is to have most CEOs/Founders/Inventors profiled on this blog, that way we form a sustainable support for one another.

So if you know any CEO you think we can interview, do let us know.

We also have Enterprise Watch section where we discuss any unethical or unpatriotic enterprise act, so we discuss with a view to learn from it.

Feel free to ask your business related questions, we treat it under the CEOs Ask section, and it is always enlightening.

Want to write enterprise news for us? Email all to

How are you spending this weekend? Share. For me, I will go for a major window shopping at a Wed Expo fair, lolz and get a new hair style done! My Abuja kind of fun!

I beef Lagosians for having beaches we don't have....hahahaha. Whatever you do, have fun!

*Toast To You*