Who Are Male CEOs In Competition with? Reality of Being A Male CEO in Nigeria

So much is ongoing in talks about the stereotypes of gender masculinities especially by the Voices4Change in Nigeria. Growing up, I always saw mostly fathers (men) own companies and even reverred them because they were in careers like Medical Doctor, Engineering and the likes, then perceived male school teachers as simply disciplinarians in the mix.

Fast forward to 2015 in Nigeria more women are becoming CEOs and embarking on large income pet projects and even chairing talks in International dialogues.

With this trend, we see more marriage break ups and more mature unmarried ladies facilitated by the effect of the perception of such empowered ladies as being 'bossy' contrary to the stereotype of being considered a 'weak' gender.

Men who would have seen women's education and empowerment as complementary for productivity have rather labelled them 'not submissive' 'bossy' 'unmarryable' and 'too ambitious'. This perception has further put an economic drain on men as they have become lone rangers constantly in 'competition' with their mates (supposed helpers).

Display of insecurity, fear, apprehension, with consequent psychological, mental, spiritual and physical disfunction has become the bane of men, lowering their life expectancy every year and leaving women even confused.

Does not being employed or not owning a company make a man without value!
Why do some men, not plan financially with their wives because of the mindset that they must provide everything for their families in order to be considered responsible?

Are most male CEOs trying hard, working hard to stay the higher earner in the home in order to pass society's expectation to be a real man?
Why won't they feel 'less' of men or take to harmful behaviours just to escape the self imposed failure?
Can we see the doom that awaits our enterprises when we lose our men to death early leaving only women CEOs to cater for an economy so huge?
Gender equity we must uphold, as industry players if we must take our enterprises to a more developed mode!

My thoughts from reading the ebook report #BeingAManInNigeria.

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