A Week in Jenny Chisom's Itinerary: Blog Tour

Hello Boss,

I'm back! Enough of learning for now! It's been exactly one week, I've been on blog tour versus trainings.

Tuesday I was at the United States Embassy Abuja for GistTech Connect summit and I learnt that it's time for CEOs in Tech businesses in Nigeria to UP their game! They need to brand their product, trademark/patent it locally and internationally, strategise on sales partnership, ignore Nigerian Government for now (cause they can't fund tech) and seek to bid for Venture Capitalist or Angel Investors abroad! In fact some Silicon Valley techies are interested especially if their App etc will solve a new problem! I tooked pictures and showed you already in an earlier post! Seen it yet?

Then on Wednesday, I got a call to attend a Quality Assurance training by European Union for Thursday and Friday, courtesy of Young Business and Professional Women (YBPW) in Abuja! I had applied for this over 3 months prior and here it was...but...

Thursday morning, as I was getting set to go for the QA training, I got another call by one of my bosses. I have been recommended to attend a workshop on CROWDFUNDING, courtesy of OXFAM! Confusion set in!

I chose to go for the latter! I met representatives from 1% Club in Netherlands, Jasmijn Bersorak and Rogier de Regiers! Other Nigerian experts were Uzo of Etu Odi Communications and Uche of Wennovation hub!

This gist continues in another post! Stay tuned!

*Toast to you*


Tuke Morgan said…
Just discovered your blog through Stephanie Obi, Great Stuff. I'm a Lifestyle Blogger and Saxophonist at wwww.tukesquest.com, Nice to e-meet you :)
JCBlog said…
Thanks a lot Tuke. I am so excited to meet you too. I checked out your blog too and loved every bit of it. I have added your blog to my blog roll too. Let's stay in touch.