Is Your Business Going Black On Friday Too? What About A #PinkFriday?

Nigerians can copy ooo! Imagine that everyone is doing #BlackFriday without recourse to being unique.

Even GTBank sent me a #BlackFriday SMS; just when I was thinking they were going to credit my account (which I haven't even opened), they were promising me 10% of every recharge card purchase from my internet banking app tomorrow!

Hmmn! Yes you read it right, recharge card ooo...I haven't stopped laughing!

I usually don't like to copy trends even though they can tingle my senses, that's why I have decided we should have a #PinkFriday on this blog tomorrow instead!

Yes, #PINKFriday! It's a beautiful time for everyone to share their "Best business encounter this year" with an aim to help other CEOs here and inspire hope for business profit in this economically challenging time in Nigeria.

Does it make sense?

If it does, go ahead write in here! Let's share! Every entry will be republished here!

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*Toast To You*