Meet Stephanie Obi: CEO of ST Colours A-School and Stephanie Obi Blog

My name is Stephanie Obi and I help people who want to impact the World to reach more people, make more money and leave a legacy.
In 2013, I quit my 9 - 5 to face my Online Business and it was a rough experience because I didn't really know what I was doing, and I didn't even know anyone else who was building an Online Business in my country. I felt so confused but the only thing I was sure about, was that I wanted to impact the world.

I have figured it out now, and I want to help you to build your own Online Business, so that you too can impact the world.
My first Online Business, ST Colours A-School, an Online Ankara Accessories School has reached over 2,000 ladies in over 10 countries and has recorded tremendous impact in the lives of the recipients and in my bank account.
I confidently say that the internet is a gift to the 21st century because for the first time, anybody can impact the world, irrespective of their location.

That's the way Stephanie Obi describes herself.