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A Gathering of Developers and Lovers of Technology....
TechBooky Team Nigeria, organizers of the Emerge Tech Summit 2015, unveils this high profile international Technology Summit holding in Abuja, Nigeria.
Emerge Technology is the hub for Startup Technology entrepreneurs in Africa, comprising of web and mobile Apps, Software, Internet Security, Cloud, and microchip processing developers from across Africa Continent. This year's Summit will hold at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers Abuja, Nigeria from 8th – 9th December 2015. The key activities for the summit include:

• Educating participants on global trends in technology development.

• Creating a convergence point for technology sellers and government agencies who are potential buyers and promoters.
• Equipping developers with tools and techniques for creating tomorrow's technology.
• Creating the space that nurtures creativity and innovation, as well as encouraging exchange of ideas.

• Stimulating Startup Technology enterprises and attracting technology investors into Africa.  
"Across the African continent, there has been a rise in demand for new technology in order to tackle the 'numerous' challenges facing the continent. This demand has given rise to a new breed of developers from Nairobi to Johannesburg and to Lagos.
Organisations have begun to gradually patronise local developers but there's still a level of dissatisfaction among clients when they compare what they get locally with global standards. On the average, there are hundreds of thousands of Tech jobs (private and public contracts inclusive) out there without some of the best minds to fill them."….. Paul O. Balo Founder Emerge Tech Summit/TechBooky.

Emerge 2015, we understand the need to constantly retrain developers and IT oriented staff across the African continent.

The Emerge Tech Summit platform brings a new style of summit to Africa. Emerge Tech Summit has a key difference from other "tech" summits in that it focuses more on capacity building rather than just "general" presentations. We intend to boost our break-out sessions with the best of the best in the tech world. We have sourced and contacted speakers and "presenters" who are probably the best at what they do. Our break-out sessions will be set up in lecture room style with full education facilities like a board and marker in place besides the projector. 
One of the high points of the summit for us: is the pitching session that will span two days.

About 100 Start-ups from over 200 delegates will be pitching where 10 EMERGE STARTUP MODELs will have access to different levels of business contracts signed with Emerge Tech Summit partners across the world. The contract will range from Funding, Business Model development, Office Facility Provision, Promotional and Partnership arrangements with consolidation prizes, specialized technical knowledge and networking opportunities provided to all the participating start-ups...Emerge Tech Summit Organizing Committee.

This summit represents a strategic platform to not only identify viable start-ups across Africa but to also back them with technical supports and structures that are fundable and exportable. This platform serves as an opportunity for Government Agencies and corporate organizations to bring their SMEs support offerings to the door step of these start-ups and other techpreneurs.

Speakers at the summit include:
Barr Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu Honourable Minister Federal Ministry of Communications,
Prof. Umar Dabatta, Executive Vice Chariman/CEO NCC,
Peter Jack, DG NITDA 
BASHIR GWANDU (DR.), Chairman Commonwealth ITU Group
DANIEL STEEVES, Cloud computing specialist/Author 
OPE BANWO (DR.), CEO/Afrinet Business Solutions inc.
MICHAEL SIMEON CEO and Co-Founder/VoguePay,
PAUL SHEEDY CEO/Founder Reward Technology.

Other speakers include:

Dr Jimson Olufuye, Chairman Aficta,
Dr Emmanuel Efeimun MD/CEO Offshore Capital Asset and Investment LLC,
Professor Manny Aniebonam, President/Founder AfriHub LLC,
Professor Egwim Evans Federal University of Technology Minna,
Mr Oyaje Idoko MD/CEO Layer 3 Ltd
See you there as we converge to make Nigeria a technology comfort zone for Africa.

Mohammed Ibrahim Jega
(Co-founder) Emerge Tech Summit


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