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Top Abuja Fashion Designer Cecilia Agu, Speaks on her Sarc Designs

Here today, we have the CEO of SARC Designs, a bespoke fashion house in Abuja, Mrs Cecilia Agu. She is a colossus when it comes to logistics, organising and fashion. Hanging out to chat with her, was an Aha moment, hear her yourself:

Can You tell Us About You And Your Business?
My name is Cecilia May Agu. Married to 1 man, mother of plenty adorable children. I am a tailor and a designer-in-training (laughs). I run SARC designs in Abuja. I basically make clothes that put smiles on people's faces.

What Inspired to do this?
I never planned to go into this industry at all. I sort of stumbled into it when tailors in Abuja decided to deal with me.

What Are You Currently Busy With?
As for my plans, I am working on some things ooo but I would keep them close to my chest for now.
I am also still working on my organisational structure.
What Would You say Is your biggest achievement Since Inception?
Our biggest achievement for now will be: timely delivery and customer satisfaction. These two factors are of utmost importance to us.

What Have Been Your Business Challenges?
My major challenges are staff (tailors). The good ones jump from one fashion house to another. The average ones feel like they know too much and usually hang their shoulders very high. Then the great ones are either too expensive or they truly are gifts. And they are not many of them around. 

How Do You Cope In Times Of Low Patronage or Uncertainty?
During the times of low patronage, we get more creative, give more discounts, reinforce our marketing strategies and push harder. 

What are your interests outside this business?
I have a lot of other interests ooo like food and the network marketing industry. 

Where Do You see SARC designs in 5 years times?
In 5 years, I see SARC designs as one of the major players in the fashion industry. I also see us exporting our designs to the world. 

What do you love Most about Doing Business in Nigeria?
What I love most about doing business here will be the diverse nature of our people. The good, the bad and the ugly. But I learn from them all.

What don't you like?
I don't like the fact that we have to generate our own power, pay different government fees and get no help from the same government. But we're hoping things will change with the new government. By and large we will do great regardless.

What is your advice for budding CEOs?
My advice to budding CEOs will be that they need to be sure of what they intend to do or are already doing, have a vision, stay focused, be persistent and above all, be prayerful.

Do you have role models in this fashion industry?

Yes, my role models are Aunty Lanre Da Silva, NHN fantastic woman. Recently Styletemple inspire me as well as Kikelomo Apeji (not in the industry but you can Google her).

How Do You Relax?
As for leisure, I hardly relax, I know I should (so don't preach it to me). Haven't taken a vacation in 4 years but I will, soon. 

What Else Do You want the world to know?
I'm working towards that day that I no longer need to introduce myself you know, like a Dangote. But for now just follow me on my social media handles: 

Facebook- Cecilia Chukwuma Agu. 
IG- Ceciliaagu. 
God bless you.

Did you feel like you were in her shoes? Drop a comment to encourage this fashion CEO.


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