Wealth Creation From Ideas Workshop Abuja

Lots of privileges for WEALTH CREATION abound in Nigeria! Your own Idea is also fundable and you can retire on it.


I am privileged to be in this faculty made up of two remowned CEOs Mrs Ekaette Umoh, of Business Support Microfinance Bank Abuja, and Mr Olu Joseph CEO of Wallet Innovations Ltd. They both are bringing in their expertise to help budding CEOs and people interested in earning a living to do so effectively.

"Creating Wealth From Your Ideas" is a must-attend workshop in Abuja on December 12, 2015!

Venue: Abuja Enterprise Agency
Registration: N5, 000 payable to the account details on the flyer.

Wealth is tilting towards people with 'Executed Ideas'! Inform and sponsor someone who got IDEAs to attend and get support to amplify it!