Avalanche: The Award Winning Dance Show with Alibaba, Linda Ejiofor, Ireti Doyle, Sensei Uche, others

In pictures with Ireti Doyle, Jecinta Keshy and also Actor O C Ukeje with his wife.

The "Avalanche; The King of Dance" held on the 27th at the Shell Hall, Muson centre and trust me to enjoy the thrills.

The organisers of that event over delivered as they used DANCE to tell stories of What Happens in a Salon , The Evolution of Nigerian music from 60s to 2000s, the Scourge of Boko haram insurgency on the girl child, Loving relationship vs Abuse in relationships, the thrill of the African drum, Robotics and Tech evolution, Girl power vs Boys, Selfies, amongst other themes like Girl cops, with performances by Ireti Doyle, Alibaba, Linda Ejiofor, SenseiUche, amongst other celebrities.
It was a kind of performance that every adult needs to see as the underline was 'Find your Rhythm". The superb thespian Sir Victor of Tinsel fame did a great job narrating the dance stories weaving in history, balance and making us think through the entire performance.

This Dance of the human race show featured over 100 dancers, making me conclude that the business of dance has attained growth that other sectors should tap into