CEOs Unite Against the Anti-Social Media Bill: Jenny Chisom, Cynthia Anaele and Mr. Ogbuagu Interviewed on O&M Show, AIT

Hello Boss,

I must agree that I have been pretty busy and a bit uncoordinated due to multitasking and so delayed to bring this to you.

I was interviewed on Tuesday alongside fellow blogger, Cynthia Anaele of NaijaCynth blog and CEO 2Twosix Alliance Ltd on the O&M Late Night show on AIT.

The host, Mr. Obiora Iloh is a fine gentleman and accomplished media veteran and it was so heart warming to be in the O&M studio. It is such a-money-spent-well studio with a victorian decor. (Reminds me of Sandralia Hotel in Abuja)

Well, it was a great time to analyse how 'bloggers are the new millionaires in town' and how the concerns of regulations for online posts necessitated the IBN Na'Allah's proposed "Frivolous bill". Lolz

We diffused the fear by politicians and their attempt at gagging social media (a sector that has actively employed thousands of youths) as simply selfish.

According to a renowned consultant and CEO Ogbuagu and Co., Mr. Ogbuagu, who was also a guest at the show, the bill is selfish and the fears expressed by legislators baseless. He posited that the freedom of speech and expression by citizens made possible by Social media is healthy for our democracy. He also supported the removal of the bill in many insightful expositions, especially as he reminded us that we have enough laws that can punish online posters who decide to libel, as against sneaking in a selfish bill.
It was to my surprise that friends who watched even took snap shots. Hahahaha.

That mug gift you see, is inscribed "I was a guest on the O&M late night show" #LovelyGift

I think gagging social media in Nigeria (which won't happen), will spoil business for us despite its supposed merits! Who doesn't agree?


Ogbuagu Anikwe said…
It was nice discussing how those we put in office are trying to ringfence themselves through laws that protect them to continue to do best - loot.
Yes yes yes was such a great time out especially with you. Your perspectives 'buried' the proposed bill. Thanks