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Media Production and Theatre: My Chat With Onyebuchi Ibe, CEO Onyexmedia

On #JCBInterviews today we have a thespian, great cinematographer and media consultant, Mr. Onyebuchi Ibe. He is a young Nigerian who started his passion and have turned it into a small business. He is a man of many acts and knows his onion both behind the camera and in front of it! We had fun talking about his favourite lifestyle, here is the transcript: 

JCB: Tell us about yourself and your business?
My name is Onyebuchi David Ibe. I am the CEO and founder of Onyexmedia. I have a B.A in Theatre Arts, from Imo State University. I am Igbo by tribe and come from Abia State, Nigeria. I am a very talented individual. I learn easily and I am gentle by nature. I am into various acts of theatrical performances, movie productions, music productions, documentaries, voicing, media equipment rentals, videography, video editing, radio and television presenting, and the like.

JCB: Wow, that's a-lot-of-money industry! (Laughs) How old are you?
I am 26 years old.

JCB: Great! So when did you start your business and how much capital did you start with?
I started in 2013 with the sum of 20, 000 naira.

JCB: What inspired your business idea?

I have always wanted to feature on TV right from childhood. I always enjoyed watching television and all sorts of entertainments people do. I found myself feeling exactly what they feel in their acts and wished I was the one doing it. That led me into studying theatre arts in 2006 and after my NYSC in 2013, I developed some of my skills over a year and began my own business.

JCB: Great to know. Can you tell us what you are currently working on?
Right now, it's some short video clips of my performances and productions of short comedies that can be uploaded on the internet.

JCB: How can you describe your organisational culture/style of business?
For now it's just I and my assistant. We look forward to expand this forthcoming 2016.

JCB: What have been your biggest achievement as a business brand since inception?
My biggest achievement is producing a daily/weekly motivational program on AIT known as LEADERSHIP CLINIC throughout 2015 and putting smiles on the faces of my customers after they watch my productions.

JCB: Do you in anyway give back to the society as a responsibility. If yes, can you tell us a little about it?
I give back to the society in various ways like lending my equipment to the community where I stay for free, producing for free, and helping out with church activities for free.

JCB: That's so inspiring looking at the fact that you are a start up! What have been the recurrent challenges in this business? I'd say its been customers not being able to pay enough money to get a well delivered production. Computer systems failing during post productions, files being corrupt or damaged by viruses. And the need to meet up with the current media trend, because it evolves daily.

JCB: Got ya! How do you deal with times of low patronage or uncertainty?

In times of low patronage and uncertainty we just get paid what ever any client who comes our way offers and the job. Because we have to pay bills.

JCB: What are your other interests apart from this business?
My other interest apart from this business is stage performance and entertainment inform of comedy, acting, dancing, rap music, etc.

JCB: Where do you see your brand in 5 years?
In five years I want to own a permanent studio of my own, and be one of the top 5 media production houses in Nigeria.

JCB: What do you love about doing business in Nigeria?
In Nigeria there is room for any creative idea to be established and to rise.

JCB: What don't you like about it?
Nigerians don't pay well to get good jobs done. Everybody wants to manage the little resources they have.

JCB: What's your advice for budding CEOs/founders?
My advice for CEOs and founders is for them to learn good leadership and managerial skills.

JCB: Who are your business role models or inspirations?
21st Century Fox studios, Lions Gate Studios, Dice Mark Media.

JCB: How do you relax and vacation?

I watch movies, tutorials, and just sleep.

JCB: How can we reach you for business?
I can be reached on +2348060924942, +2348188999798, or by email to

Thanks a lot
*Onyexbuch produced the superb introductory video for the 2015 Bloggers Party*


Patience Ayeni said…
Nice work Mr Onyebuchi
Anonymous said…
All the best to Onyexbuch.God bless the works of your hand

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