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Planning the Bloggers Party: Jenny Chisom Speaks Up

Hello boss, 

I have been busy planning Bloggers Party in Abuja for about 3 weeks now and trust it was an experience for me...a good experience. This is my first time of going out to seek for sponsorship for an event and I will say a big thank you to my friend Jecinta Keshy, who helped me to first believe that I can do it and then she went all out to reach out with me.

Our team at Bloggers Party were amazing...the likes of Deka Uhiara of Just farb Blog got us a lead for a sponsor, then another newbie blogger Destiny of ibankng blog got us another event management company as sponsor, then I was able to reach out to a client of mine, who also supported us with some cash.

Jecinta was able to get Etisalat to give every blogger and guest a souvenir at such short notice, making our goody bag sumptuous. Another company run by Dayo Abiola supported by designing a blog logo for 5 bloggers (awesome)!. I thought I should let you guys know that the party became the biggest and was very successful. Bonario Nnags, Senate President of Linda ikeji's blog also attended.

I am proud of Abuja bloggers, Abuja CEOs, OAPs and Social media influencers and also Simon Ateba, the only Lagos blogger who attended. They made the party rock! See pictures and read the full press release at 

Don't you just love my outfit? You do, right? *GettingTheToastGlasses...lolz


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