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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 19

Mary has always nursed the idea of becoming a model, that's why she took up a job in a fashion house because she believes its a step closer to her dream.
Working for Miss Titi or "Aunty" as she fondly calls her has been good. Titi doesn't delay with salaries, she gives opportunities to her employees to grow and she's always full of smiles, but Mary feels its not enough. As the head sales rep she feels she deserves more benefits than the other workers; and Titi is not even ready to help her in her modelling career. All she had done so far was to introduce her to her friend, Oreva but Oreva had not tried to help her get a modelling job, not once." Could it be that Aunty told Oreva not to help me so she can keep me working for her as a mere sales rep?" She asked herself. Its been close to a year now and she had not said anything about helping her, introducing her to Oreva had fanned the flames. Oreva who is supposed to be a top model has kept mute on the…

Spaghetti: The Art of Eating Your Way Through

Spaghetti is a very popular dish, eaten all over the world and made in many different ways. Although spaghetti is delicious and nutritious, it can be a struggle to consume. This is frustrating when all you want to do is enjoy every strand on your plate without losing your manners. According to, you can successfully eat your spaghetti with a fork, enjoy every single bite and look great doing so by following the tips below; 
1.Fork & Spoon: The fork should be held in your right hand and the spoon in the left, lift a few strands off your plate and twirl it using the spoon as a backdrop. Twirl it all the way up and enjoy.
2.Fork: This is a very popular way of eating spaghetti. Lift a little bit off the plate and twirl it against the wall/side of your plate until it is all rolled up.
3.Slurping:  Made popular by “The Lady and the tramp”, lift your spaghetti off the plate with your fork and slurping it up the fun, however, this method is messy so try to avoid it if you’re eat…


Shopping in Nigeria has gotten a whole lot easier with the rise of e-commerce platforms.Browse websites to find everything from fashion to electronicsand in as little as48 hours you can have that product in your hands. That is the world of online shopping as we see it today.
The retail sector in Nigeria has continued to expand withsales increasing fasterthan real GDP. Growth is drivenby the continuous rise of the Nigerian population, increasing disposable incomeandthe desireby many businessowners to modernize retailing. In the past few years click and mortar has consolidated with brick and mortar to contribute to Nigeria’s retail sector.
According to Evangeline Wiles Managing Director of Kaymu, “E-commerce is set to redefine the retail sector in 2015and beyond. E-commerce has advanced both at a local and global level. With high rates of internet and mobile broadband usage in Nigeria and the growing confidence of online shopping in the hearts of Nigerians, e-commerce will continue to pla…

Splendid Projects Company Catering and Confectioneries

Business Name: Splendid Projects Company.   
Phone No: 08027520804,08142940765. 
BBM 2ABB1E83                     
Business Address: 53 Wahuwa Street,Ago Palace Way,Okota,Lagos. Nigeria.                     
General Business Activities;            

We are a business outfit specialised in Catering and  Confectionaries of all sorts. As regards the latter,we have a bias for cakes and can make any kind of cake(sponge,mocha,strawberry,fruit etc) for all occasions(birthdays,wedding etc).                                                 

We provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.  We have a purpose to be leaders in the catering/confectionery business by providing enhanced services,relationship and profitability. 
We believe in treating our customers with respect and integrity,provision of quality services through creativity,invention,innovation and on time delivery. We leverage on building long term relationship with our cust…

iceCUBED X Partners With VoguePay to Power bitcoin Transactions in Nigeria

Nigerian online payment processor, VoguePay and iceCUBEDX have partnered to allow clients to trade bitcoin in their native Naira using their existing VoguePay wallets to fund their transactions.
The bitcoin market will officially begin trading on the 12th January 2015 and Nigerians can buy/sell orders for bitcoin instantly with further integration possibilities already in place to provide full crypto-merchant services to customers. In a statement, Gareth Grobler, Founder ICE³ said, “We have to be realistic though, the Bitcoin technology has yet to be packaged and applied correctly for it to be a mainstream alternative currency, but as an agnostic payment settlement mechanism within a larger framework it ticks all the boxes and could perhaps have a significant impact on shaping the Nigerian digital economy landscape. It is a market that simply just cannot be ignored any longer.”
The Naira Market on ICE³X is currently live in the production environment and users are currently being verifie…

Africa's Most Successful Woman And Media Mogul, Mo Abudu speaks To Women On Being An Entrepreneur

"For women, never ever see your gender as a handicap. Never think yourself inferior. Be ready to do twice the work for half the usual reward. When the door isn’t opened, kick down the door". 

"Take the regular harassment and other obstacles women face in stride. In fact, be prepared for them. Be prepared to be told off, to be told you are not good enough, to go unrewarded for even doing the same work your male counterpart has done".

"Work with your passion, let it consume and drive you. Do not be distracted. On down days, it will keep you going. Also, surround yourself with like minds. In fact, you should exhaustively curate those who will go along with you on your journey. I can’t say that enough".

Chukwudi Iwuchukwu