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Jumia offers Samsung Galaxy ACE 4 for Women’s Day

With the opportunity to express the subsequent celebration of International Women's Day on 8th march, offers Samsung Galaxy ACE 4 smartphones at FCFA 52000 (80 €). Then any buyer will also be awarded with a 6-yard fabric loincloth.This joint venture has become an expert in the art of creating super-deals towards e-consumers. So, in prelude to March, 8th, 2015, Women's Day branded loincloth are to be shared. The deal itself is to provide an item ordered from the site which once delivered and paid for, will be accompanied by a new 2015 loincloth. For the promotion of this event, the Samsung brand through its Galaxy ACE 4 model was among others; put forward. Because of the overwhelming success of the mobile brand in Africa, the managing staff of this sales website to have found interesting to deal it.The 8th march event began from a movement demands for better working conditions and the right of women to vote in the 1920s. Nowadays, it has become a celebrati…


Leading online marketplace has highlighted quality content as key to leveraging social media contacts for business purposes.Speaking at Kaymu's featured event at the SMW Lagos held yesterday, 25th February at Terra Kulture, Managing Director of Kaymu, Evangeline stated, "If you provide valuable content to your community they will pay for you to keep providing it".The panel session tagged SME 101: Converting social media to cash, featured seasoned experts in the field of social media namely; social media marketer Tosin Ajibade of Olorisupergal, Olusola Adewunmi, CEO Contagious 128 in the company of Kaymu MD Evangeline Wiles and Abiola Fabio, Kaymu's Community Manager.The event moderated by Kaymu's Head of Marketing Communications, Tomiwa Oladele, attracted social entrepreneurs, business owners, and social media enthusiast seeking ways to maximize their social media platforms.The CEO of Contagious 128, Olusola Adewumi   who spoke on converting your…


It has been several months and things have been going pretty well since Chioma's wedding. She's back from her honeymoon and enjoying life as a married woman, according to her. Chioma and Chike found out what Jerry did and were very upset with him, Chike was totally disappointed in his cousin. Jerry tried to make amends with Titi but unfortunately for him she's moved on and so he had to do same. Oreva and Jide have been inseparable ever since the wedding, Jide picked out a heart shaped diamond ring for her and the engagement party was a blast, so was the introduction. The two families were in good spirits and Jide's Dad couldn't hide his feelings. He was proud of his boy, now that he has decided to be responsible and he loved Oreva. Plans are already under-way for the white wedding, Titi and Chioma took up the role of wedding planners once again. With the Fashion awards drawing close, Titi has been busy working round the clock, making the new designs she'd been …

BlogTour 2: Jenny Chisom Hosted at Prosper B Wealth Blog

Yay! This blog tour is sure fun and I have gotten some people telling me how they are discovering what they didn't know about me by reading my interviews. Here, I spoke to another Nigerian Blogger Prosper Wealth and here is an excerpts:
1) Tell us about yourself: Jenny: I am a 34 years old Nigerian girl born in Portharcourt and raised in Aba. I schooled in Aba, Calabar, Owerri and proceeded to Sokoto for my NYSC before coming to live and work in Abuja almost 8 years ago. Coming from a large family and second of seven siblings, I am a natural observer and innovative thinker. Having studied English, Literature and also Entrepreneurship Management equipped me to discover and express myself beyond my mostly conservative upbringing. I am known popularly as Jenny Chisom but my full name is Helen-Jennifer Chisom Opara. Close family members call me Chichi. I started a small content development company, Logos Audibles in 2010 and with it has floated my passion projects – The Login Blogging Ent…

Jovago, – Africa’s largest online hotel booking platform has endorsed social media as one of their key channels for interacting with customers and handling travel requests and enquiries.

Travel curators, bloggers, photographers and the general travelling public now frequently use social media to re-position the African continent as a tourist friendly continent. In turn, travel websites, agencies and hotel aggregating websites have sprung up to cater to the teeming population of travellers and encourage an internal rediscovery of the African continent both for business and leisure purposes. This year’s #SMWTravelAfrica Day explored how online travel agencies, hotel booking portals, tourism boards, airlines and tour operators are working hard to harness the power of digital media to the delight of destination seekers and how they are keeping these customers satisfied, both on and offline.

Speaking at the session -#SMWTravelAfrica DEFYING SPACE & TIME: SOCIAL MEDIA TAKING YOU (& YOUR BUSINESS) PLACES - were Marek Zmyslowski, Managing Director,; Adetunji Adegbesan, Lecturer & Founder, Gidi Mobile; Ayo Oyewole, CEO, Afro Tourism; Fiewor Genevieve, Tic…

International Women's Day Celebration: The EDC Decides to MAKE IT HAPPEN

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre department of the Pan Atlantic University (EDC-PAU)  is organising a line up of events for three days to celebrate this year’s International Women's Day in Nigeria for women in business and management. Featured topics include ‘Excelling in Leadership positions’, ‘Living your Best Life’, ‘Making it happen as a Leader’. See flyer for details.

Parking Spaces Made Easy with New App

My dearies, people are really thinking ooo. Check out! Some one has created a new app that predicts where parking spaces can be found using real-time data from mobile phones. Can you beat that? CLICK HERE TO SEE WHO DID THIS
Please, if app development is your forte, do go ahead and wow the world with your innovation.

Creative Business Strategy: The Cannes Lion Fun Pack

Business Strategy is important dearies. I was inspired at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity brand strategy that said "Cannes Lions, said: “We wanted to stress the point that not looking after your talent is a much more expensive exercise than developing it. Investing in creativity will drive your business forward, and coming to Cannes is the perfect way to do that.” Are you into the Creative Business? Click HERE for details at what transpired. Let us know If you learnt anything.

Social Media Week Starts: Check Out the DAY 1 schedule for #SMWLAgos

Social Media Week Started yesterday, do check out the DAY 1 schedule for #SMWLagos, very impressive I think. I had the privilege to have a private Social media strategy session with one of the speakers who happens to be my mentor too. Lisa L. Flowers flew into Lagos from her country, and now you see why I was glad she was able to visit Abuja for the first time. She spoke at the GOTNI'S Leaders Forum and of course i also had my session running up to almost 2am. Yeah, she works that hard. 
Go ahead to read up yesterday's schedule in Lagos.

#SMWInnovators Welcome Breakfast: Citizens, Government & Technology
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Hosted by SMW Lagos + EiE
Pencom Innovators Stage @ SMW Lagos Campus

The WoW SuperBooth @ SMW Lagos Daily
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Hosted by The WoW Superbooth & SMW Lagos
Landmark Centre - SMW Experience Stage

[Google Hangout] My Journey Interview Series with @EntCreativeNG
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Hosted by Enterprise Creative
Google Hangout

#SMWExecutive VIP Suite Powered b…

Africa Internet Group (AIG) Launches Office In Yaba

Africa Internet Group (AIG), the leading internet​group in Africa, has moved its​office to​Yaba, housing six of its​venturesin Nigeria - Easytaxi, Lamudi, Carmudi, Hellofood, Kaymu and Jovago.
Since inception in 2012, AIG has expanded to 26 countries and has created 71 companies in different verticals namely online retail, online marketplace, food ordering, car classifieds, real estate classifieds, taxi hailing, online travel agency and P2P lending marketplace.
In Nigeria, AIG’s network of companies include leading brands - Kaymu, a secure online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to obtain the best deals for products; Easytaxi a mobile app that connects drivers and passengers; Hellofood, an online and mobile platform where people can order food for delivery from the most popular restaurants in the city; Lamudi, an online real estate marketplace; Carmudi, an online vehicle marketplace; Jovago an online hotel booking service and Jumia an online retail store.
Yaba, a popular area in…

Kitua Kollections Fashion Accessories Training in Abuja

Learn how to make ankara fashion accessories such as hair accessories, hand fans, handbags, shoes, slippers, notebooks, ankara bangles, earrings and necklaces.,wedding bouquets and many more!

Register for the March classes of our trainings before the end of February 2015 and get a whooping 20% discount!

Awesome, right?

Class starts 9th MARCH and registration ends 5th March, 2015.

Venues: Wuse 2 or Lokogoma- you choose.

To register, call/text/whatsapp 08050985999 or add us on BB: 2a02adfb now to get more information.

Share/broadcast and help someone.

Twitter/instagram: @kituakollectns

In the basic class, you will learn how to:

- make ankara note pads
- make ankara ipad case, basic
- make hand fans
- make hair accessories
- make ankara bangles, earrings and necklaces.

You will also learn how to market your biz online using social media. (BYOD)

You'll get course materials and certificate.
Cost: 35k
Duration: 2 weeks.            Dates: 2nd -14th March, 2015
For more info, call 08050985999, 07025010966.…


It is that time of the year when the online community assemble in multiple venues across the major cities of the world for a week long Social Media Week (SMW) event. 
SMW is one of the largest social media gatherings which seeks to share ideas on how social media and technology is affecting the world.
The global event, which was launched in Nigeria in 2013, will be held between the 23rd and 27th of February 2015 with the theme, ‘Upwardly Mobile; The rise of a Connected Africa’.
“The connected class is represented by those with access and connectivity. Today there are 3 billion of us. By 2022 there will be 6 billion. Through the exploration of the Upwardly Mobile theme we want to ask the fundamental question: how can all humans achieve more in a connected world?”, stated Toby Daniels, Founder/Executive Director, Social Media Week.
Leading online marketplace,, will be hosting a panel session during this year’s edition, tagged SME 101: Converting Social Network To Cash, on Febru…