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She rubbed her eyes with her hands as if trying to remove specs preventing her from seeing what's in front of her. She pinched herself to see if she'd wake up from this nightmare but alas, she realized that she was fully awake and aware of her surroundings. She lost her balance and almost hit the floor but was caught by one of her models who obviously was in awe of what they were seeing. All her designs, replicas of her designs to the very last detail is what House of Gold was displaying.
The black and white theme, the office and casuals, she didn't leave anything out; everything was from Touch Couture. "But how did she do it?" Titi asked aloud, not talking to anyone in particular. "How on earth did she get her hands on my designs?" She asked again. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She looked at her friends and saw the bug eyed expression they wore. Oreva was more surprised because she was the first to see the designs in T…

MC Amana and Wife Rock The Cee Cee Sarc Design

It is heart warming to see this photo of One of Nigeria's ace Abuja based comedians and emcee Mc Amana on Instagram as he steps out with his Wife, Cecilia in a jacket, pants and gown from the luxury label Cee cee Sarc. The couple have two daughters together.  Don't they just look gorgeous?

Mr Ayedee lands Abuja: Hangs out with Abuja blogger, Cynthia of NaijaCynth

Linda Ikeji's boo, and publicist but more seriously CEO of  Mr. Dan'iyn Mukhtar has been in Nigeria and was first sighted on March 1 during the #MeetThePresident event at Eko Hotel Lagos.
Well, a photo of him and Abuja-based blogger Cynthia of surfaced late hours of yesterday, Tuesday. The photo have been getting reviews and raising questions. But keep a tab as I bring you developing stories.

Young Entrepreneurs to Converge in Accra Ghana for the YOUNG CEOs BUSINESS SUMMIT-African convention.

In a concerted effort to create platform for networking, Panel discussions, Key Note Presentations, idea Pitching opportunities while sharing global best business practices, young CEOs, aspiring and established entrepreneurs and respected venture Capitalists from across Africa and beyond will converge in Accra, Ghana from 23rd to 25th of April, 2015 at the Young CEO’s Business forum- African Convention.

The Young CEO Business Forum- African Convention 2015 will be hosted at Accra Ghana, where young entrepreneurs will gather to discuss the theme “Advancing start-up business in Africa: New approaches, Fresh Opportunities''. The summit will have international business men and women converging to discuss new strategies on how to explore the immeasurable businesses opportunities in Africa, as well as find ways to enhance and support African Start-up businesses capable of enriching and creating many jobs in the Continent.
While commenting on the goal and rationale for the summit, the…