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How To Make Your Farmland Profitable - Lamudi

Owning farmland is a profitable business in Nigeria. With over 170 million of Nigerians relying on cassava, maize, rice and yam as their staple source of daily food, it is only natural for farmland owners and farmers to generate a larger amount of profit, compared to other consumer-related business owners.
Have you ever thought about how you can make your farmland profitable? is here to give you some ideas to make the most out of your farmland.
Livestock Farming There is a great of opportunity when it comes to livestock farming in Nigeria. It is one of the most important kinds of farming and one of the most profitable. It is a business that requires very little capital to start with; all you need for your livestock farm can be found or built locally. This is a great way of using your farmland to generate a large amount of profit. Here is a list of livestock farms that make the most money in Nigeria: 1.Poultry farming 2.Catfish farming 3.Snail farming 4.Grass cutter farming Cas…

How To Crowdfund Your Project - Shopify

Crowdfunding has been one of the best things ever to happen to artists and entrepreneurs. Every year since 2010 artists have received more funds from crowdfunding than they have from the National Endowment of Arts. Meanwhile, it’s propelled new businesses, like Oculus Rift, which raised $2.4 million dollars on Kickstarter before being acquired by Facebook for $2 billion; and Pebble, one of the early trendsetters in smartwatches. This “pennies from many” model allows many more people to pursue their creative and entrepreneurial visions. For prospective entrepreneurs, crowdfunding is an exciting way to generate attention, validate an idea, and perhaps most importantly, raise capital without going into debt. But running a successful campaign is no walk in the park. That’s why we’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding as well as Crowdfunding 101, an infographic that gives you an overview of the two major crowdfunding platforms and the characteristics of successful campaigns. You’…

Start Ups: A BEHIND-THE SCENES TOUR WITH LAMUDI ; an exciting start up in Nigeria

Ever wondered what goes on between the four walls of a start up? Welcome to the diary of a typical day at Lamudi Nigeria where stars shine!  

7:30am, Lagos, Sabo Yaba – A team of young, energetic and dynamic adults start to slowly fill up the third floor of the newly built office building, Commercial Avenue, located in the heart of Lagos mainland. The Dial4Home hotline is ringing off the hook. There is no time for formalities; the customer service and operations team are overwhelmed with queries from property hunters from all over Nigeria. It is time to hit the ground running!
8.30am – The rest of the team has arrived. Most of them are at their desks having some delicious jollof rice and beef stew for breakfast, while some of us are shuffling around the office preparing our usual cup of morning coffee for that extra kick. Laughter and giggling starts right about now!

9:00am – Lamudi Nigeria’s MD Obi Ejimofo is doing his rounds reviewing the progress of all the teams. Corrections and mo…

Business Leisure: 5 Best Hangout Spots in Lagos

Looking for a place to party, or just relax? 
Lagos has numerous hangout spots perfect for some time out and whether you’re into the high-life or would rather sit down to have coffee with a friend, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this bright and beautiful city.
Visit Lagos and spend some time in one of the best hangout spots and, Africa’s No. 1 Hotel Booking portal take you around the city of Lagos. Get soaked in the vibe of the vibrant city of Lagos this weekend and you are guaranteed to have a splendid time.

Lekki Leisure Lake, Lekki Lagos being a city off the coast enjoys the fluttering embrace of the Atlantic Ocean. Fun-seekers can visit the beach and let loose at the banks of the Atlantic Ocean; Lekki Leisure Lake offers that and more. It is one of the many seaside resorts in Lagos but has gained popularity since its inception. Visitors can jet ski in the nearby ocean and quad bike on the sandy beach. This lakeside resort is one to watch, with an ever increasing po…

Technology: The Way-C tablet and the Elikia Smartphone conquer Africa

This product made and designed by a Congolese, is now available on many African markets. Despite the undeniable presence of Western and Asiatic brands, their creator feels confident of their challenging power.

The Way-C tablet is a tablet designed by an African called Verone Mankou of Congo. He is also the father of the smartphone Elikia always a product manufactured by an African. After a successful presentation in the European soil, Verone Mankou has decided to present his two technologic products in Africa. Through the website “Investir au Cameroun”, the latter is mainly known. Just costing less than 60 US dollars, his Smartphone and his tablet are really competitive in the African market. The subject has stirred up lovers of technology so that they have specifically requested those products. Assuredly, sooner, on, it will be available. Because of the high rate of demand, although not offering yet any Way-C tablet or any Elikia Smartphone, Kaymu is now called to provide…

Fashion: Six Men Golden Rules to turn into a Real Businessman

Metamorphosis is still a mystery to some categories of people. Yet it is not sufficient enough effort but a bit of imagination that changes everything. Clearly, details make difference. Christelle Wambo, head of Clothing Department at, shares 6 men golden rules to transform into pure business tycoon.
The look and dressing style In Congo, it is called the "undermining" but in Cameroon it is called the "cool" or "heat" style. The most us term is "being hot death." But away from the cliché of the single frivolous or stubborn deceivers, being look like a businessman request to reduce a single detail in the clothing: the superfluous. At the contrary, color mixing, excess shape, become meaningful when attending a party.
Digital accessories Regardless of the fact that Christelle Wambo works for Jumia, she purely makes understand that high-tech gadgets have their meaning in the 21st century modern society. She says: "We live in a world of appe…


Mary's shoulders slumped in a manner that depicted defeat. Her thoughts scattered and uncoordinated, how could she not have seen this coming? She should have known that Miss Gold would never keep to her words, she had ignored all the negative things she heard about the so called Iron Lady. She thought she could trust her, guess she was wrong. And to think she betrayed her Aunty for the sole purpose of showcasing her talent as a model, the money was of no importance to her, what was crucial was being on that runway doing what she had always dreamt of. Now that dream has been shattered all because of her impatience and lack of good judgment. Mary felt her entire world crumbling right before her eyes and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Titi saw the agony Mary was passing through and she felt sorry for the poor girl. It was obvious that she felt remorse for what she had done and she was desperately trying to find a way to salvage the situation. She wondered why Mary didn&#…

Reuben Agwu aka Rajakizo Unveiled: Nigeria's Next Rap Phenomenon

I ran into this Abuja based rap artist today and his music is one to reckon with.
Reuben Agwu (aka Rajakizo) as popularly known by his fans hails from Abia State. He has got so much love and passion for Good Music. He does the Rap genre of Music and is also a versatile Rapper that can actually flow with any form of beat. He has got a single which is officially released by his Record Label Nino Macriado Entertainment titled "Hustle Go Pay"

He is also a good Graphic Artist with about six (6) years of experience. He is the Next act to watch out for in few years to come.

Stay tuned to a link to his popular Single.

Abuja Crime rate Sky rockets As Election Dates Draw Near

Several people I know have been robbed and some at gun points since this March. This matter has become a serious cause of concern to many FCT residents and the Abuja command of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has within this month of March arrested 20 armed robbery suspects, three cattle rustlers and nine car thieves.
These figures confirm this whole safety saga. As elections draw near, we can only hope that security operatives tighten up their guards so Abuja residents can sleep with eyes closed.
Read full statement by World Stage News, HERE

15 Medical laboratories in Abuja Shut Down

According to The Nation, 15 substandard medical laboratories have been shut down by the Federal Government in Abuja. Among the 15 institutions are 4 private hospitals, 9 medical laboratories and 2 pharmacy laboratory testing sites as disclosed by the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Science Laboratory Council of Nigeria ( MLSCN) Prof. Anthony Emeribe.

He went on to reveal that with an inspection team that government will shut down any arbitrary practices in medical laboratory services without hesitation. In a circular, science technologists are no longer to be allowed to practice while laboratory scientists will focus on that strictly. It was also reaffirmed that the Federal ministry of Science and Technology regulates these affairs.

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Abuja Indigenes On land Swap Programme Inclusion

In the city of Abuja, some indigenes have  appealed to the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) to consider their interest in land swap programme in order not to deprive them of adequate land for their farming business.

A traditional ruler, Mr John Gata who is the Etsu of Piwoyi said his people  were ready to cooperate with the government in the programme provided  their interest were promised. The land swap policy  was designed by the FCT  Administration to facilitate speedy development of the territory by allocating districts to interested  investors.
In turn, the investors  are expected to provide infrastructure  in those districts and retain 60 per cent of the district while the FCT retains 40 per cent. While reacting in an interviewed with  newsmen in Abuja recently, Gata, said it would be improper if the land swap policy further dispersed the indigenes by resettling  them away from their ancestral land. Click To Continue Reading


According CAJ, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) athletics team in Abuja has won 10 gold medals, 8 silvers and four bronze at the just concluded, Athletic Championships League in Abuja. The team clearly stood out and the Director of Sports, NSCDC,  Ayodele Titus said that it was the beginning of good things to come this season. “There is no doubt that NSCDC is a force to reckon with when it comes to sport in Nigeria. I am also using this medium to say that we are not going to relent in our efforts to keep the flag flying base on the Commandant General Ade Abolurin’s mission for the Corps and Nigeria as a whole,” Titus said. He added that the NSCDC team also shone in Lagos where the team won a gold, one silver and one bronze in a table tennis tournament.


Leading online shopping community in partnership with the Abuja Enterprise Agency (AEA) has organized a training workshop for small and medium scale enterprises.
The workshop which was held on March 17th 2015 at the AEA Entrepreneurship Complex in Abuja with the theme “Marketing Your Business Online’’ was targeted at building a successful online business with little capital.
According to the company’s Head of PR and Communications Tomiwa Oladele, ‘’Kaymu’s partnership with AEA is geared towards fostering entrepreneurship in Nigeria, we would continue to seek innovative ways to empower entrepreneurs by organizing workshops that help enhance their businesses’’.
Speaking at the workshop, the Head of Seller Acquisition and Retention, Mr Kayode Adeyinka emphasized on the importance of entrepreneurs to leverage on digitization to market their businesses, he added that ‘’when entrepreneurs move online, they establish themselves on a level playing field with larger competitors. On t…