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KAYMU Launches iOS Mobile App

Nigeria’s leading online marketplace, Kaymu, has launched its mobile app on the iOS on Monday, May 18.
The mobile app is set to make online shopping accessible to even more people, with great features that enable sellers to list products and buyers to select from a wide variety of products at a glance.
The app will offer a wider product assortment, fast and intuitive navigation, and easier buyer and seller account management.
According to Kaymu MD, Evangeline Wiles, the app is adapted to fit the needs of the marketplace and provide an improved shopping experience for buyers and sellers via their mobile devices.
The NCC records the total number of mobile internet subscribers in Nigeria at 65,813,890 (based on active internet subscriptions in April 2014). According to a 2013 report by McKinsey Global Institute, 58% of Nigerians living in cities have access to an internet-capable mobile phone, and urban Nigerians are more than twice as likely as the average African internet user to…

JOVAGO Partners With Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015

JOVAGO, Africa’s No. 1 hotel booking portal has announced a strategic partnership with Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) 2015 to give 25% discount off every hotel booked for AFWN 2015 through Jovago.
The African Week Nigeria scheduled for Saturday, May 23rd – Sunday, May 24th 2015 at Eko Hotel and Suites, aims to display the creativity and originality of African designers to the rest of the world, thereby creating a platform for African fashion designers to be appreciated and celebrated. With the theme of the year being “Showcasing our Cultural Heritage through Fashion”, JOVAGO – a prominent African brand geared towards promoting hospitality, tourism and culture – will not only be put in a good position to reach more customers, JOVAGO will also foster the growth of Africa’s fashion industry.

How To Make Money and Have a Great Family Life

I was privileged to have a ride with some Nigerians in Lagos yesterday and the richest man in the mix talked so highly of a certain friend of his, financially and career-wise. The shocker came when he exclaimed that the man (his friend) was however neither a family man nor a great dad. This, he pointed was his opinion being that even though his friend was successfully making money he had his children growing up without him in an American state with his wife taking care of them. This for him was failure as a father!
This got me thinking being that this has become a practice even with newly weds and especially the middle and upper class in Nigeria. They sacrifice family bonding to this career and money-making venture we encourage on this blog.
When I got this event notice, I promptly decided to share so you may find an answer to work-life balance. This Family Life conference will stream live online on Thursday 5.30pm and Sunday 7.30am (Nigerian time) on If you are in Ab…

Phones! Smart Phones!!! and More Phones for Business on JUMIA MOBILE Week Megathon

When I first heard, that Jumia hosted over100 Tech Bloggers on May 14th, I was wishing I could switch my niche momentarily just to benefit from the bumper knowledge. I quickly consoled with myself with thoughts that I will be part of the West African Bloggers Conference which was the next day, May 15th and since Jumia was supposed to feature, I was good to go.

And yes, I got the whole scoop that the Tech bloggers got and to know that it will make a lot of sense to save and plan towards this phone fair is overwhelming.

Dr Jonathan Doerr, MD Jumia was there to tell us all about it. The Jumia Mobile Week Megathon is like a "BlackFridayForAWeek" for phone, and yes smart phones.

Are you ready for business and to get the lowest craziest price ever on phones from Samsung, Tecno, INNJOO, Infinix, Apple, Lenovo and LG phone in just one week. You can buy to use and buy to resell, and that equals to even more money. 

Kai! You bet I don't joke.