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CUTS & Fabrics: The Whole Series By Mikky Anyagbeso

This will make your weekend really fun especially if you are a romantic person like me, and particularly if you are a fashion designer or simply an entrepreneur. 

This is an award winning enterprise romantic-tango series written by one of Nigeria's best novelists Mikky Anyangbeso​ and first published on this blog from August 2014 till May 2015. You will learn a lot reading and you can read up the whole series in a few hours.

This story mirrors everyday struggles of an entrepreneur especially faced with sabotage, idea theft, betrayal, ambition, heartbreak and a whooping love affair that climaxed in a happy ending. This book will keep you wishing, pre-empting, furious and shedding tears but more so keep you entertained and thoroughly educated.
Go ahead and enjoy Cuts and Fabrics - Part 1-33 when you click here

Celebrity Clean Up Abuja: Jenny Chisom Blog, a Proud Partner To Give Back To Society

CEOs, Politicians and other celebrities are giving back to society in the Celebrity Clean Up movement coming up in Abuja soon.
Some of the celebrities are Charly Boy, Charles O'Tudor, Mike Omotosho, Queen Celestine, John Fashanu, Isaac Balami, Emeka Ike, Collins Adeyemi, Empress Njamah, Don Jazzy, Yaw, Sam Oye, Lady G and also this blog amongst others.
This blog is a proud supporter because we believe that CEOs in any sector should help to reduce the sufferings of society. We will carry out sanitation exercise, give out mosquito treated nets, provide free medical/ eye tests, distribute wheelchairs, distribution of food and food items, and launch 30, 000 waste baskets for different communities. Amazing stuff!
Host is Hon. Peter Yohanna Date is June, 27, 2015 To join, call 08057343539


“A man with Financial Education is not good enough, neither is one with Vocational Education nor Formal Education, a man with self awareness is good enough”
I think you are asking the same question that I am trying to decipher, from this quote. Why is self-awareness so important that a man with it can easily access the other forms of training or education, here is why.
Understand that you are ONEBeing ONE means you have a healthy image of yourself, that you are not aware of any competition in your own reality that you are better than an average individual, that you are one of a kind and you are here for a reason. I am far from psyching you up, if you see yourself this way, you eventually become one.
That you possess the fundamental skill for successInasmuch as we understand the importance of self-education, we need to know that success comes from a mix of skill. Most people get into the trouble of intending to acquire all the skills they need before they start, but that is in revers…

Are Women CEOs Really Ambitious?

Omg! I read this post and couldn't agree less with the writer. Yes, I see myself 90% in it...but I don't agree I am ambitious though.
I just know that I take every chance to be happy working at my pace in order to contribute 'my little' to make society better.
I Am Not  An Olivia Pope Type‬‪of Woman  #‎NoGetThatKainLiver‬ (Laughing Out Loud) Read this article hereto see what I mean. It is titled 15 things ambitious girls do a little bit differently while dating. 
Meanwhile, do you consider all CEOs as ambitious?

Finally a Necklace that Protects against Sexual Assault: Crystal Sanchez's Guardian Locket

Crystal Sanchez is the inventor of the Guardian Locket, a necklace that uses SnapDragon technology connected to a wearer’s phone app. She was honoured for this when she was given an entrepreneurship award for protecting women against sexual assault. Sanchez is a senior at Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale. She researched and developed the necklace during a Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Course. A click of a button on the back of the locket sends a fake phone call to the wearer which could potentially scare away a possible attacker and three clicks alerts local authorities and emergency contacts.
Beautiful innovation! Do you think this will help in Nigeria?


Start-Up CEO: Meet Nigerian Student, Clement Alban Felix Who Founded and Heads a Conglomerate: Alban Ice Global

Alban Ice Global Nigeria Limited is an evolving enterprise which was established  in 2008 and became an incorporated company in July 2014. Alban Ice Nigeria limited  has several  divisions, products and services such as Alban paint, Media, Consulting, Alban Images, Alban Technologies responsible for destination direct; a mobile directory service that helps you get to your destination without having to roam about  or asking people considering the current security challenge and your safety.

More so, Pride of Africa collections, Rose liquid soup and Alban house music which currently has one signed artist ; YungNel  a rapper, lyricist  and song writer. YungNel is doing well on itunes, iroking and spinlet. 

Alban Ice Global Nigeria Limited was founded by Clement Alban Felix. He is armed with the vision of creating an enabling environment  where everyone's dreams, aspirations and ideas can be transformed into substantial products and services. His corporate mission is  transforming lives…

Blogging Smart is Good Business: Abuja Training This June

I started a Bloggers Network  on June 21, 2013 in Abuja where I live and the vision was to provide support and guide to intending bloggers so they begin their blogging career without making the mistakes I made. This is especially important going by the fact that so many people have come to associate bloggers in Nigeria as  gossip mongers. 
Having trained about 150 people in Enugu, Abuja and in different directions via Black Berry Message and preached ethical blogging to over 400 Nigerians, we are set to help even more bloggers.
Just last month, May  23, 2015  I and my team began a session called Blogging Smart Hangout with the hashtag #BlogSmart and by popular demand it will be a monthly training. Intending bloggers and Bloggers alike meet for 4 hours to share tips on how to effectively market their blogs as enterprises. Blog set up and content generation is also taught.
The next session is on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 and it will  hold at Lamonde Hotel, Wuse 2, Abuja. Time is 10am and f…

What Nigerian CEOs Need to Learn From Dick Costolo As He Quits Twitter on July 1

Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO has quit his job and co-founder, Jack Dorsey has taken over. This news that broke on Thursday evening is reported by CNN to be because Dick, didn't deliver on his job.Revenue generation and growth is at the centre of this and with a viable board and many on Wall street calling for him to step down, Dick finally acknowledged and quit graciously after 6 years as boss having risen from being a COO to CEO in 2010. Costolo will quit on July 1 and will be forfeiting his uninvested stock and no severance too and it is said he is quitting will make him even richer, I guess for integrity. The change of leadership will take effect from July 1, four days before my birthday.Costolo has been trending on Twitter.
I was particularly intrigued by this news because I think Nigerian CEOs need to be structured and disciplined not to allow incompetence thrive if their companies will outlive them. Yes, a CEO needs to leave if he or she does not perform and is not able to bri…