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John Joseph: CEO of John Joseph Group Nigeria and His Passion For Grooming Budding CEOs

Joseph JOHN is a Project Manager, Capacity Building Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and a Media Consultant.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of John Joseph Group, a passionate entrepreneurship development organization.

He was trained and certified by the African Leadership Forum at the Entrepreneurship Development Center, Lagos in 2008. His passion for youth development and capacity building had consistently driven him to training youth with a goal to see every youth become productively self-reliant.

He is on the move to train building CEOs through his project slated for tomorrow, Aug. 23, 2015.

CEOs; we are redefining Nigeria's economy steadily.

*Toast to You*

GTBank Releases 2015 Half Year Audited Results

Is Your Business A PainKiller or Vitamin?

For every entrepreneur, one thing is guaranteed - you will make mistakes. Some mistakes will be unique to your startup; others may fall into the category of 'common' mistakes that entrepreneurs make. With the former, you want to get up, adjust and keep going. With the latter, well it's better to avoid them altogether. How? By listening to advice and finding valuable mentors who have done it before. Here's some advice from my co-founder and co-CEO Josiah Humphrey and I it found most valuable when building Appster.

Many first-time entrepreneurs try to come up with an idea that's completely novel or alters an existing solution. In some cases, they're looking to build a product that can somehow improve consumers' lives. All three are fine as long as you ask yourself one question: "Is this something people need so badly they're willing to give their credit card details to an unknown startup?" There are two …

5 Start-Up Secrets For Nigerian Women

For the majority of women in Nigeria, entrepreneurship is a necessity. There are no jobs or viable alternative options, however, from writing a business plan to coming up with a name to hiring employees, a startup can seem overwhelming. Many Nigerian women who have always wanted to start their own business never do, simply because they are weighed down by the process and unsure of what
specifically is required. It is no secret that women in the startup world generally face a series of unique challenges. Not only are they significantly outnumbered by men, they also find themselves intrinsically disadvantaged either by the limited funding or a dearth of high-power female role models with actual experience.
There is no secret formula or tactics when it comes down to what make female entrepreneurs thrive. Instead, what it takes to succeed is, in a lot of ways, gender neutral as the steps one needs to get there similarly should not be confined to gendered lines. At the moment, the investing c…

Segun Agbaje, CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank Wins Finance Monthly Global Award's CEO of the Year

Goodmorning JCbloggers, I have been on set a movie, no, it's an Igbo TV series currently airing on Africa Magic Igbo, where I am acting an emotional role. This has caused my absence, but I am back and will bring news in the sector as much as I can. Acting is therapeutic for me, and so I grasp the chance whenever it comes along. This will be my 3rd time in a full length production. Enough of me jare!

The news hit me yesterday about the honour Mr. Segun Agbaje, CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank brought to us, as he was decorated with a global award - The Finance Monthly Global Award's CEO of the Year.
The amazing thing is that he won this award as a global icon and was the only Nigerian that made the list. Such exciting news makes my day. GT Bank is also named Best Bank in Nigeria 2015 by EuroMoney Awards for Excellence. Go ahead to read how Celebrating Progress Africa is reporting this sumptuous news HERE.
Nigerian CEOS rock! 
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Mistakes Small Business Make

Do you agree that this is one mistake small businesses make?