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Showing posts from September 27, 2015

Business Strides Magazine by Tayo Ayinla Launched in Abuja

Mr. Tayo Ayinla is the publisher of the quarterly business news magazine, "Business Strides'', that provides investment, financial and business opportunity tips for talented persons. This magazine was launched on Sept 27 in Abuja. What I loved about it is the problem the magazine seeks to solve.
In an interview, Ayinla, said the need to help people discover and harness their talents for self empowerment motivated him to publish the magazine. Everyone has a talent and what it takes to succeed in life but many people do not discover their talents.

Nigeria's Independence is 55

It's a new dawn for us! Nigeria on a new level!

Roland Works As A Hands-on Assistant and Runs a Thriving Enterprise

Who said you can't DRINK and Drive in Abuja?
Drink jorr and Roland will be there to drive you safely home!
Do you need someone to act as your "Fix It Project Assistant" from Abuja to Sokoto?
"Roland fixes" handles your home fixtures, office equipment fixtures, pick ups, and deliveries. He pimps your space from blinds, handles and interior decor and floral designs too.

Is Social Media Helping Your Business?

Hello dearies,
I was in Owerri throughout last week like you know, teaching Social media to some young women.
So many of them learnt how Social media provides a sounding board for one's ideas and congregates audience for it.
On the prospects of making money from it, I was able to coach a few of them as well as some young men who volunteered, on how they can earn via providing Social media services.