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Top Abuja Fashion Designer Cecilia Agu, Speaks on her Sarc Designs

Here today, we have the CEO of SARC Designs, a bespoke fashion house in Abuja, Mrs Cecilia Agu. She is a colossus when it comes to logistics, organising and fashion. Hanging out to chat with her, was an Aha moment, hear her yourself:
Can You tell Us About You And Your Business?
My name is Cecilia May Agu. Married to 1 man, mother of plenty adorable children. I am a tailor and a designer-in-training (laughs). I run SARC designs in Abuja. I basically make clothes that put smiles on people's faces.

What Inspired to do this? I never planned to go into this industry at all. I sort of stumbled into it when tailors in Abuja decided to deal with me.

What Are You Currently Busy With?
As for my plans, I am working on some things ooo but I would keep them close to my chest for now.
I am also still working on my organisational structure.

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