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Bloggers In Nigeria Take Responsibility for Nation Building: The 3rd Annual Bloggers Party Abuja

In what is an anticipated 3rd annual edition of Bloggers Party Abuja, hosted by LOGiN Bloggers in collaboration with Abuja Events and Places Blog, Nigeria's online practitioners and stakeholders have shown to understand synergy.
The Bloggers Party was birth to fill the need to give a direction to Bloggers and have them network with brands in an informal atmosphere and comprehensively forge alliances. What started as an alumni project of a team of bloggers trained to form the LOGiN Bloggers Network in 2013, have expanded to become a theme-focused, learning party and hosted blogger-speakers like Charles Novia, Simon Ateba as well as enjoyed brand partnerships of Vogue Pay, Soulmedia Communications, Givers Club, Kitua fashion Kollections and others.

CEOs Unite Against the Anti-Social Media Bill: Jenny Chisom, Cynthia Anaele and Mr. Ogbuagu Interviewed on O&M Show, AIT

Hello Boss,
I must agree that I have been pretty busy and a bit uncoordinated due to multitasking and so delayed to bring this to you.
I was interviewed on Tuesday alongside fellow blogger, Cynthia Anaele of NaijaCynth blog and CEO 2Twosix Alliance Ltd on the O&M Late Night show on AIT.
The host, Mr. Obiora Iloh is a fine gentleman and accomplished media veteran and it was so heart warming to be in the O&M studio. It is such a-money-spent-well studio with a victorian decor. (Reminds me of Sandralia Hotel in Abuja)

Rex Idaminabo, CEO African Achievers Awards Decorated by The British Award For African Development at the House of Parliament, Westminister

The British Award for African Development honoured Rex Idaminabo at the House of Parliament, Westminster.
London- At a Private Parliamentarian Award Ceremony yesterday, hosted by Pauline Latham MP and Jeremy Lefroy MP, and other UK Parliamentarians at Westminster, UK Parliament, Rex Idaminabo was decorated with the honour for his significant role in promoting African and Diaspora entrepreneurial developments as well as setting good models of business and development in

SmartBCamp By John Obidi Features How to Build An Online Empire Today

It's still the month of Online Marketing on SmartBcamp and by the end of December, you'll be armed with more than enough information to turn you into a SmartBcamp Certified Bad Ass!
Last week on the Smart Business Teleseminar, we learned 'How To Get New Customers using Social Media'.
Tonight, the phenomenal Stephanie Obi will be teaching on 'How To Build an Online Empire'.

Why CEOs Attend Bloggers Party Abuja

Some spicy gist you do not know about BLOGGERS Party...
1. It's a Learning Party
2. It is usually themed (Last year was "Wetin You Dey Blog sef")
3. Bloggers who were Keynote Speakers last year were Nollywood Charles Novia and Cameroon born, Controversial blogger Simon Ateba.
4. This year's theme is "Social Media & Nation Building"
5. This year's Party is a Black Tie event, Ladies let your gowns speak at the Red carpet
6. Venue is the classy Sandralia Hotel
7. Blog Awards are made a Surprise


Black Friday, arguably the biggest shopping event in the world held over a week ago but the real question is who wore the crown?; The online platforms who outdid themselves with pre-black Friday propaganda or the millennials who actually did the bulk of the shopping in Nigeria?
Figures from online shopping community show that millennials spent the most during this year's Black Friday, spending an average of N10,600 each. The data also found that men spent more than women during this shopping event at a ratio of 7:3.

Nigeria's Maintenance Culture Company: Meet Mathias Tsado, CEO, Matstrutt Nig. Ltd

Mathias dusted a business idea he had conceived and executed with a friend as students 12 years ago. Today, that business have been revamped and serving a major sub sector in our economy - the maintenance culture industry. He shed light on how much capital he started with and how he bootstraps. Enjoy our full chat:

Tell us about yourself and your business?

I am Engr. Mathias Tsado and CEO at Matstrutt Nig Ltd. The company is structured to address the major issue of maintenance in Nigeria. We are a complete facility management company that offers services ranging from engineering maintenances, building maintenances, janitorial services and power back up systems.

How old are you? I am 38years old. Born on the 6th of February 1977.

When did you start your business and how much capital did you start with? Matstrutt Nig Ltd started in 2003 as STRUTT ENTERPRISE.  It was a partnership with a friend back in the school FUT Minna as mechanical engineering students. We started purely as a generator ma…