3 Awesome Email Tracking Softwares for Your Business

Thousands of emails are sent on a daily basis even though instant messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Skype have taken over the communication sphere. In fact, recent research shows that there are no signs that indicate the use of emails will decline soon.

Today emails have become a veritable marketing tool and many businesses have adopted it to reach out to their teeming customers and subscribers.
As businesses use these tool, technology has made it possible for organizations to keep tabs of sent emails through the use of software applications. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal, identify 3 of these amazing software.

Atomic Email Tracker
The atomic email tracker provides a comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know about any sent mail. Information such as who received, when was it received and where? What links were clicked? What is the effectiveness of the campaign? Are answers you can get when you use this app.   

This software is very effective for Customer Relationship Management integration. It is mostly utilized by sales persons. Aside from tracking emails, it can also support the tracking of links, schedule emails and initiate sales strategies, and content at every stage of the marketing process.

Sidekick software is another amazing app for monitoring emails. It has both a free and premium plan. The free plan allows you to track up to 200 notifications monthly. As an incentive to users, if you invite friends to use the app, you will be granted unlimited notifications for that month. It is reliable for tracking emails.

 Ogunfowoke Adeniyi