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Are You A Wanna-Be Entrepreneur? - Ogbogu

Just last month, I got and read a copy of Forbes Magazine, the December 2015/January 2016 edition. And one article in it really made me to pause and think. I have been thinking ever since then.

It was a 2-page feature on Mohammed Dewji, the Group CEO of MeTL Group who was recently voted Forbes 2015 Person of The Year. Mohammed Dewji is a billionare, philanthropist, and serial
entrepreneur from Tanzania that owns the biggest edible oil refinery in Africa and other multiple business interests. Worth over $1.1 billion and employs over 24,000 workforce - representing about 5% of Tanzania's formal employment - Mohammed Dewji is set to expand his business to more African countries and grow his workforce to 100,000 by 2022.

Now, here is the second part that got me really thinking...

At the age of 40, Mo, as he is popularly called, works 100-hour a week and holds at least 60 board meetings a month!

Do the math.

That's about 15 hours of daily work a week (if he works 7 days) or 17 hours of daily work a week (if he works 6 days). That's one. Two, he holds an average of 2 board meetings every day (if he works 7 days) or an average of 3 board meetings every day (if he works 6 days).

Join me to think about that.

So I laugh and weep when people say that they want to become entrepreneurs, that they want to build things that matter, and you don't see any drive or discipline in them. And that because they really don't know what they are about to get themselves into. The hussles. The work. The stress. The blows. The early rise and late nights. The darkroom.

Let's face it.

Being a real entrepreneur is not biscuit.

So are you ready to handle the pain?

Really, are you?

Just tell yourself the truth...

Copyright 2016 - Chinonso Ogbogu


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