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CEO, Modern Business Services and Solution, Patricia Fom

Our first CEO Interview for the year is with Patricia Fom. She is the CEO Modern Business Services and Solutions Ltd, an IT firm catering for Small and Medium scale businesses across Nigeria and the rest of the world. Trisha Fom as she is popularly called is one lady whose story is remarkable in the Information Technology (IT) and you will find out as you read:

#JCB: Tell Us About Yourself And Your Business?
My Background is in IT. I studied computer Science at the University and about completing my MBA project now. I enjoy travelling, reading, teaching and mentoring young people. I have a passion for empowering people through knowledge sharing, I love to help people whenever and how ever I can.

I manage an IT company called: Modern Business Services & Solutions Ltd. We provide the following Services:
 IT Training
 Website and application Development
 Mobile Messaging (BulkSMS)
 Software & Hardware Procurement and deployment
 Business Advisory Services and
 Online Marketing

#JCB: How Old Are You? 
I will be 42 by April 2016.

#JCB: When Did You Start Your Business And How Much Capital Did You Start With?
I started Business in 2010 with just N20,000

#JCB: What Inspired Your Business Idea?
My passion and desire to satisfy a need I saw:

 Passion for teaching and sharing knowledge on the use of Information Technology (IT) tools
 And the growing awareness and appreciation of the benefits IT, I saw a need I could serve by providing IT services.

#JCB: What Are You Currently Working On?
Restructuring the Business for Massive Growth.

#JCB: How Can You Describe Your Organisational Culture/Style Of Business?

We bear in mind that the customer is the boss, not I, a manager or any supervisor and as such we treat every customer like you would your boss. We live by being at work on time, being courteous and ensuring the boss is happy and doesn't sack you by going away with his money no matter how small.
The CEO is God
And we are just servants on assignment sent to serve His people - the customers - and we must do it as He taught us by applying the Golden Rule
And because of this we don't bear titles in our company.

#JCB: What Have Been Your Biggest Achievement As A Business Brand Since Inception? 

Not Quitting

#JCB: Do You In Anyway Give Back To The Society As A Responsibility. If Yes, Can You Tell Us A Little About It?

As a Business, we initiated a programme called Business- Day-Out .We facilitate Pro Bono for a number of NGOs. And we are exploring new areas this year.

As an individual, I am a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (an international Charity, with headquarters in Paris) where I commit one to two hours weekly to serve and contribute to meeting the needs of less privileged and indigent sick. I initiated a Project in 2013 called; 'Project Save-a-Life Today'. The Project is a Network of like-minded People working with a network of Organisations, People and NGOs giving Life Meaning, helping, identifying needs of underprivileged, sick, orphaned children and meeting them. We also organised First Aid Training for Youths in 2014 and have other projects lined up for this year.

#JCB: What Have Been The Recurrent Challenges? 

I cannot think of any now, but we will overcome them as they come by God's grace.

#JCB: How Do You Deal With Times Of Low Patronage Or Uncertainty? 

Look inwards and think of new ways of doing things, restrategise or diversify

#JCB: What Are Your Other Interests Apart From This Business? 

My Project Save a life is the other interest and in addition, I like to read, travel, attend seminars and conferences.

#JCB: Where Do You See Your Brand In 5 Years?

To be the One-Stop-ICT-Shop for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), To be the IT company of choice in Nigeria and other African countries for MSMEs and Employees.

#JCB: What Do You Love About Doing Business In Nigeria? 

I love the fertile ground for opportunities.

#JCB: What Don't You Like About It? 

The cost of doing business (high cost of rent, power issues, multiply taxation, plus cost for start-ups to register with some regulatory bodies. The same Government who say there are promoting entrepreneurship also kill the hopes and dreams entrepreneurs who dare to exploit their ideas or be productive responsible citizens, for example by demolishing business premises/markets (recently the so-called illegal refineries, a market in Lagos, in time past Abuja). When small business are not properly situated or not operating with the right licences, why not provide them alternative locations before demolishing the present and guide them how to regularise the so-called illegal business as the case maybe.

#JCB: What's Your Advice For Budding CEOs/Founders?

Be principled and uphold good moral values. Don't quit when times are hard, there will always be hard times, so learn to weather the storm. Don't expect success immediately, it takes time and personal growth. Start-Small so you make and learn from your small mistakes while small.

#JCB: Who Are Your Business Role Models Or Inspirations?  

My Business Role Models are Pat Utomi, Mr. Tomi Akingbogun, Bill Gates, Steves Jobs.

My Inspirational Role Models are, Pope Francis, Rev. Fr. George Ehusani, Pastor Mayokun Oreofe, Mrs. Dayo Keshi, Mrs. Julian Ukeje, John Maxwell.

#JCB: How Do You Relax And Vacation?
I read, travel, walk/lie down in a park.

#JCB: How Can We Reach You For Business?
Our website is
Call: 0818 422 6353
For support and enquiries chat: WhatsApp: 234 703 197 2948 |BBM:2A4E36C4


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