STAFF: So Boss how did your meeting with our POTENTIAL SUPPLIER GO?

BOSS: It went really well the guy was very prepared, properly dressed and courteous.

I am sure you will like to leave that kind of impression on your customers, bosses, and people in general. Here are my 10 TIPS TO LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION.

1. PREPARATION: Prepare for the meeting, google the company or person up and read up about their successes and goals.

2. ARRIVE EARLY: It is unprofessional to arrive late for a meeting. Early arrival gives you time to sort things that are not in place out.

3. SUIT UP: Look the part wear a fitted suit and look like a million dollars. Do not under-dress. You can under-eat but do not under-dress for your opportunity or meeting.

4. SMILE: Smile at people and you'll break the ice.

5. GIVE A FIRM HAND SHAKE: Please don't sit while you're shaking hands in the meeting. And don't hold the other persons Hand for up to a minute when shaking their hands.

6. LISTEN UP: Nodding your head when another person is talking shows that you're listening. Take notes as well.

7. MAKE EYE CONTACT: Hmmmm don't lock eyes for ever with the client, just look, blink and take your eyes away constantly.

8. SMELL GOOD: Wear a nice cologne.

9. COMMUNICATION: Speak well, engage your body language and tone of voice to make your point.

10. GROOMING: Guys cut your nails, get a hair cut, shave or shape your beard. Ladies fix your hair, and stop hitting your hair because it is itching you.

I trust God that these tips will help you today.