Indian Youngest CEOs: Sharvan and Sanjay Kumaran Challenge Nigerian Teens

India's youngest CEOs are Sharvan and Sanjay Kumaran. They are two tech brothers from Chennai and they have a mobile application firm.  Sharvan is the Co-founder and President of "GO DIMENSIONS" at 14 years old while his brother is Co-founder and CEO at 12 years old. They have used the Java Code to 11 apps for  the Apple store...yeah you heard right. The popular apps Catch me cop, Alphabet board are tow among them and these apps have been downloaded over 35,000 times from more than 20 countries. 

The question on my mind is, are we encouraging all our tech-inclined Nigerian kids to doing their craft and guiding them towards running enterprises or are we stuck in the old mold of "they are just kids"? 

Nigerian Parents, we can do more...

Think CEO!