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If your child tells you that he wants to become an entrepreneur, you better cry and pray for him.

I mean it oooh!
It takes a lot to be a real practising entrepreneur. It takes even much more to start and grow a business that matters.

This is not bread and beans I am talking about here. I am talking about heart. About soul. About blood. About core. About madness. About work.
You can't skip or corner the hard work.
You MUST do it and do it well.
You MUST roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. You must twist and turn, bite and chew.
And sometimes it may require that you hang in there long or longer, racking your brain, bursting your a*s, tweaking and tweaking, until you find the right combination that unlocks the treasure chest of that true success and growth that your soul pants for.

Even at my growing level, I am beginning to gradually understand what the Dangotes, the Elumelus, the Madukas, and the Strives of this world go through to get their businesses going and thriving.
These guys don't operate in the same mental zipcodes as others. They are crazy. They abnormal. They are nuts. They are sick. They are possesed.
And then your child wakes up one day and tells you that he wants to become an entrepreneur and you are still standing there doing nothing?
Pray. Cry. Fast. Pray again.

Yesterday, in Lagos, my company successfully hosted about 20 sharp-minded entrepreneurs from diverse business sectors to an exclusive business learning ecosystem that took us late into the night and dog-tired. Yet again today I went out to have a 1-hour or so project review meeting with my team. Guess what? We ended up having a 7 to 8-hour strategy and brainstorming session, planning, re-strategizing, pushing mental walls, creating and ticking off checklists, redefining moves, pushing ourselves, questioning our sanity - with one of us only eating breakfast around 6pm or so.

Do you think if I have my way, I wouldn't be at my home all day watching Telemundo or partying in my friend's girlfriend's place or playing the latest PlayStation in my pyjamas? Yeah, those are good stuffs but working on building my business and inspiring my team is far better and stupid.
If I call myself a real entrepreneur, then I must be ready to step up before and when the work calls forth. This is my life's work, my destiny, and I must make it count. FYI, I want to take over the world. I don't care how I do it, I just want to constantly take my best shot now and always. Who knows? I may just hit the bull-eye's before the sun sets. And even if I don't, I will continue swinging and shooting until and when the sun wakes up.
And that's because I am an entrepreneur and I am not normal.
So don't let your child come near me.
I will corrupt him.
Because that's what entrepreneurs do.

Copyright 2016 - Chinonso Ogbogu


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