Poll: Jenny Chisom's Training Schedule and Priority Table 2016

Hello fam,

I have been busy finalising plans for the training programmes this year. I have amazing collaborations from companies like our own Logos Audibles, Modern Business Services and Solutions, and many more. On our timelines, we have quite a number of needs analysis and mode of helping the sectors and I need your contribution on some stuff!

This is life an informal poll and the question is:
"If I am offering these sets of training programmes in 2016, which of them would you prefer to attend or recommend to others in order of your priority and belief in my expertise:

1. How To Start and Grow a Blog
2. Marketing and Monetizing your blog 
3. How To Be a Celebrity in 12 weeks
4. Writing And Copywriting
5. Editing for Publishing
6. How To Start the Business of Your Talent.

Use their Numbers to show me your order of priority eg 5, 1, 3, 4, 6, 2"

Thanks for your anticipated response!