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4 Easy Ways To Make Quick Cash In Nigeria

If you are a frequent visitor to Nigeria, you will realize that a dollar just isn't what it was early last year. As a matter of fact, it is increasing per day and so is the cost of commodities around the nation. As it is, your original budget for a stay in Nigeria may not be sufficient anymore and you will need spare hard cash to survive or complete your stay.
If all available funds and traditional sources of credit are frozen or you are faced with an unexpected expense, you do not have to be in a bind., Africa's No.1 online hotel booking site has a few ideas on how you can stay afloat with quick cash in Nigeria. Keep in mind that while all of these ideas are legal, some of them are simply not glamorous.

Taking on a part-time job, especially if you are vacationing can be a killjoy, but comes in very handy when you are looking to make quick extra cash, especially ones that include tips. You could work as a night waiter in a restaurant or club, a retail clerk, or sales person. Most times, it will take at least two weeks to receive that first paycheck, but if you are good at negotiating, you can land yourself a part-time job that pays you per hour or at the end of the day.  Alternatively, you can do an odd job. This might not seem glamorous as they are usually menial jobs, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and odd jobs offer immediate money in your pocket. You could babysit, walk dogs or do general cleaning; you just need to offer your services for a reasonable price.

The best time to get rid of things you do not need is when you actually need the extra income solve a dire problem or survive. You will earn some quick cash and have a good clean out of all your unneeded items. Check your closet, book shelves, and store and sell your clutter for cash. Remember, if you have not used it or worn it in the last year, it is certainly time to let go. If for some reason, you do not own anything you can sell, make something and sell. The growing trend for vintage and homemade products shows no sign of stopping, the Internet is chock full of well-known outlets for such wares. You would be surprised the kind of things that sell quickly on e-commerce websites. Aside from handmade items such as crafts, jewelry, painting, you can try soaps and perfumes although these typically take a little longer to make. Again, do not limit yourself to Internet sales; consider specialty stores for some items.

Nigerians love promos and grand prizes, and so, loads of companies in the country always have some sort of competition or promo running that would benefit the winners. The prizes usually consist of large sums of money, which when won, can give the winner a lot of extra cash. A good way to get quick cash would be registering for these competitions. While entering these competitions come with no guarantees, there is a growing community of 'compers' making a lot of cash on all sorts of competitions. Competitions available for entering, range from simple registration forms to social media page liking and answering questions correctly over the phone to a TV/radio game show.

Everyone has some sort of knowledge to pass across. Another great way to earn money is by teaching skill acquisition classes. For instance, if you're a fitness guru, you might start an exercise or nutrition class in a large spacious area in your residence, estate or a hotel area. From cooking, makeup, bead-making, hairdressing, instrument playing, and  dancing, to  dog training, people are willing to pay to learn about many fields of knowledge, and you can benefit from that. You just have to make sure the class sounds unique and irresistible, that way you will have people signing up over and over again.

Ndem Nkem
Travel/Tech Writer


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