Yes, we also throw Spaghetti, let's not play down on this.

When it comes to building a successful business, there is also that scared part of throwing spaghetti.

Is not like we entrepreneurs started out knowing exactly all we would do from alpha to omega.

Of course not.

Instead, in reality we keep throwing blows, refining our hypothesis, changing our underlying assumptions, sweaking things here and there until we find the right combination that unlocks our idea or process to real success.

That's why we entrepreneurs don't get so attached to a single means or process, so it's normal for us to try something, adjust or drop it, and try another one.

That's our life.

We shoot, we review, we re-adjust, we improve, and we shoot again.

Like other entrepreneurs, I have tried so many things in my journey of building my business.

Many of them didn't work, some did.

But in the process, I have upgraded my mental architecture, learnt what makes the difference, and I have also become a better player in the process.

In a fairy world, I would really want all my entrepreneurial shots to hit the bull's eye on all the first gos, but I have learnt entrepreneurship doesn't work that way.

It's never a linear graph.

Copyright 2016 - Chinonso Ogbogu