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Evans Elemi Alobo, CEO of Paragon Lens: From Street Photo Hustler To An Event Delight

I met this Abuja based photographer, Evans Elemi Alobo, CEO of Paragon Lens on Jan 12 at the #ImpactAbuja Summit, and I loved his work. I had to decide to know more about this 27 years old CEO and his craft, and then found out how he walked the streets, endured the harsh weather just to snap pictures but today have become a sought-after photographer. Below is the extract of our chat:

JCB: Can You introduce yourself please?
Evans Elemi Alobo, is my name. Many people call me Paragon, the man behind the camera. I am originally from Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State in Nigeria and the first born of five children. I currently live in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

JCB: Can you tell us about your business?
My business is called Paragon Lens. Paragon lens is all about redefinition of images either motion (videos) or still (pictures). We give our clients the best during weddings, seminars, birthdays, anniversaries and much more any event. We do first class editing of pictures.  You can email us your pictures or through send via Whatapps or Facebook and we will edit and send back to you virtually or in print. We also deliver pictures to our customers anywhere. 

JCB: Nice to know. How old are you? 
I am 27years old, and would clock 28 by September, 25, 2016. 

JCB: How much was your start off capital when you started off Paragon Lens?
I had only thirteen thousand naira (N13, 000) when I started. With it, I bought a little handy camera and would walk from bank to bank and also sat in street corners taking passport photos of interested customers. I remember sometimes then, I will sit down under my umbrella, calling out to people who needed to take passport photos.  I learnt everything I know about photography today within 2009 and 2010.

JCB: What are you doing currently?
I am expanding my business, buying new equipment and going for seminars to equip myself more on my profession. 

JCB: How would you describe your business style?
My style is excellence in delivery of my job. So whenever my clients are paying for their jobs, they would always have smiles on their faces. 

JCB: What would be your biggest achievement since inception?
Well, I’d say lots of work has come and gone, but for the records, I have been contracted by the Nigerian Army and Immigrations to take their passports for documentation of their New Intakes in 2013.  I have documented and covered series of weddings. Like for a particular couple Emmy & Christie who wedded at Dunamis Church headquarters, I did their Photobook,  Video coverage, Photo enlargements as well as  Soft copy photos and also for many other weddings.

JCB: What is your vision for Paragon Lens in the next 5 years?
I want the name PARAGON LENS to be in the minds and lips of everyone planning any event because of our track record of excellent Jobs, and will want our studios to be in major cities in Nigeria. 

JCB: What are your other interests apart from photography?
I am a writer, and my book titled "The Power of the right mind" will be launched in November, 2016. I am also a relationship counsellor and on religious matters in general. I am a counsellor with the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja.

JCB: How do you relax when your cameras are off?
I just take a day or two to travel to a new place where I would see new faces. I also love to sit in quiet places listening to music and just have time to explore my thought on how to improve my life and my business.

JCB: You sound like a deep thinker. Nice. What have you enjoyed about doing business in Nigeria?
I love the understandings we have of our different unique Nigerian languages and I love to see my people smile when they see their pictures. I love that they appreciate my art because I feel like I am contributing to my father land.

JCB: What don’t you like about doing business in Nigeria?
  I don’t like the fact that many Nigerians prefer foreigners to do same Job we do and are willing to pay higher amount to get it.

JCB: Any advice for budding CEOs?
 Hmmmn, if you must be a CEO , you must have leadership attributes. You must be Hopeful, patient, tolerant, sacrificial and most importantly never despise your little beginning. 

JCB: Great! Who are your business role models?
I really haven’t adopted anyone as my role model but I love all those that take excellent shots like STUDIO 24, TY BELLO, LEMMYVEDUTI AND JONTALOR IN AMERICA. 

JCB: How do we contact you when we need to take those shots that document our memories (smiling)?

My phone nos are (+234) 0 -8031974755.   
 (+234) 0-8073984146
You can email me on or
Facebook: Dparagon photography or Paragon lens


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