Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds Launches Dating and Match-Making Club in Abuja Ahead of Valentine

Abuja is one tough city for the average well-behaved single lady or guy seeking genuine love and longing to settle down in marriage!

The "toughness" comes by the fact that:

1. People lead fake lives

2. Many people seem to be players

3. Opportunities for singles to mingle are restricted to churches and such places.

4. Many single men think most single ladies have Aristos (married funders) lolz, so they don't trust the ladies

5. Many single ladies don't understand why single men don't ask them out, so they lounge in frustration.

6. The stigma of "Abuja girls vs Abuja guys" does not help matter at all.

7. Some Abuja guys are sponsored by Cougars, so think young girls don't have what they need

8. Many other men are so lazy to earn a living and so 'parasite' on successful working class ladies, making things even worse...

We can go on and on but the GOODNEWS is that the "Complete Singles Club" is launching in Abuja tomorrow Feb 13 in Wuse 2. It is a network of ONLY singles, 25 years above who are seeking to hook up, do business and find love.

It's a no-joke community of like minds so instead of you driving around town again frustratedly checking out the Abuja city you are already familiar with due to boredom, get in HERE ladies and...yes guys!

Being hot, intelligent and ready to mingle yet lacking real love and companionship isn't bae!

Simply Call Lara for the Abuja Valentine Hangout this Saturday on 07081573601 or 08060655460. Attend with just N5, 000 and get the exclusive details and hang out with hot, successful and ready-to-wed single guys and ladies!

The Convener is Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds, a Specialist in Emotion Management so you must get more than your bargain. You get Romance. Family. And MatchMaking services!

Complete singles club has been known as a Lagos brand and is now in our city, and will remain...

Jenny Chisom
Online Personality/Content Idea Manager