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Phil Roberts Makes Gospel Music Larger Than Life With Charity and NOW Projects

Phil Roberts is an end-time conscious gospel singer who has such a passion for souls. You need just a few minutes with this man, to catch the fire for soul winning too. A professional engineer and NGO founder, Phil Roberts criss-crosses the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worship. He let us in on some of his major projects for the year from the Prison to the Pew. Enjoy this exclusive session with us:

JCB: Hello, It’s so good to meet you. Please introduce yourself to us.

Okay, I am Phil Roberts, a mechanical Engineer with highly technical, professional skills, coupled with a well developed acumen reflecting a career of strong leadership in the entertainment industry by the grace of God. I always find a place in my heart to worship God.

I have served as the music director of KICC Abuja but presently the Head of Music Christ Embassy Gwarinpa Branch in Abuja Nigeria and the C.E.O of Phil Roberts & Da Sound Signatures and The phil Roberts Foundation for all my charity projects.Notably, I have also worked with several talent hunt and exhibition projects/shows as Judges and music director/instructor here in Nigeria.

I am also the National Coordinator of  Project SAC a CSO for The INTERNALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE (IDP) in Nigeria as part of my community projects. I am a member of the prestigious American Society For Non Destructive Testing Engineers.
In service to humanity and passion for the  emancipation of the Nigerian Youths I  was recently initiated as one of the very few Nigerians to join The prestigious Young Parliamentarians Forum to be part of those that will observe the credibility of The House.

In my ambition to strengthen young people, I have organized so many major talent empowerment projects with several Churches and NGOs as i was part of the team pushing the 35% youth affirmative action in Nigeria‎‎

By the grace of God I am the Gospel Rock ambassador, having won some awards of Excellence  and was  the first  President of Abuja Gospel Artiste Forum which was designed to help upcoming acts with Hit songs to the Phil Roberts brand like like faithful God, Mighty God, Ebube, Saviour ,Lifter of my hands ,Chioma Heaven Play my song which is being a blessing to the world and also on radio stations around the world.
I have spoken a lot already. More like a complete profile o! (laughs)

JCB: What is your passion?

I will say my passion is helping people to achieve their goals especially through entertainment.

JCB: How did you come about your Night of worship idea?

 Oh it was an inspiration from God .

JCB: What is the aim of the project?

Night Of Worship Concert (NOW)  is an end time mission concert designed to bring people into one venue to experience raw and undiluted worship as we bow down our heads to God to heal the land, reach the unreached in an atmosphere for Yahweh to come dwell amongst us. This concert is passion driven to make a difference in all worship Events in Abuja and beyond as we are looking forward to converting souls more than 500 souls for Yahweh through this worship experience.

JCB: What should people expect from this project?

This project will touch the lives of the Less Privileged in the society as we will be doing the be reaching through:

·        Building a mini studio in the kuje prison. This idea was birthed from our various prison visits as you will be shocked at the talents that are wasting in our prisons.

·        Rehabilitating an orphanage home and having a

·        Celebrity visit to the IDP camps

At the end of the above charity project the N.O.W Live recording concert will hit the stage as we are partnering with major media houses in and outside the country.

JCB: Who will be the beneficiaries?

 Our first beneficiaries are the less privileged as we do several charity projects that will birth the N.O.W concert

JCB: Is there a sustainable plan for the beneficiaries after the project?

Oh! Yes we plan to do a follow up on all our structures that we have established for this projects. We have also put together a team for this project to monitor the facilities that has being put in place for this project

JCB: You are a gospel artiste. Why did you choose Gospel?

I did not choose gospel o, it’s a calling from God as I have been in the gospel music sphere since children department at Assemblies of God.

JCB: How many albums do you have so far?

 Just One, my Debut but the Live worship concert will birth my second album as it will be recorded live on the concert.

JCB: Who are the producers you have worked with?

Mac Roc, Manus, Gospel on The Beat and Mekoyo

JCB: Do you write all your songs? Tell us more about this.

Yes I do! As I am an advocate of originality in entertainment contents because several of our musicians are really lazy, they only like to clone people’s intellectual works to build theirs and this limits the power in the songs, repeat of the same message which also limits the content delivery.

JCB: Apart from music, do you do any other business?

I’m a media consultant, I develop concepts and ideas for people as I have a part of the Phil Roberts brand that handles my media consultancy and because of my strength in engineering I do so much of engineering consultancy too.

JCB: How do you fund your charity projects as a Gospel musician?

It is funded by God. You’ll be shocked at the way funds come in, though we have some people that just come in to support us once in a while and we’ve also be asking for people to come in to support this project.

JCB: Who are your sponsors and partners for NOW?

 I have partners that are working with me as committee members and they decided to bring all their companies to partner on this project.

JCB: How will this project affect Nigeria positively?

This project is designed to give back to the society and the concert itself is designed for us to worship God in an atmosphere of miracles and deliverance through worship,

JCB: How do you spend your time outside work?

Hmmmm I like travelling! So I just take a walk to any beautiful environment to feed my eyes. It brings more inspiration.

JCB: Are you married?


JCB:  What is your message to your fans?

Just keep moving on! Believe on your dreams as you are beautiful just like the rainbow! It will come to pass.

JCB: What are your last words for your readers?

I prophesy greatness into your day! God will make you grow from glory to glory spreading you with massive joy and fulfillment all around the world.

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We say Amen to that and thank you for your time!


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