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Sharing Ideas with Chinonso Ogbogu

I love sharing and cross-pollinating ideas and knowledge.
I guess that's why I showed up here on planet earth with a very big mouth and a good pen in my pocket.
So it's either I speak or I write - or I do both.
I was invited yesterday to conduct an in-plant business training for the team of a growing company that just commissioned their new office in Lagos.
A day before that, my host had called my phone line and told me,
"Chinonso, can we do one hour each for both sesssions?"
"One hour? No, make it two," I advised.
"Okay then, that's fine." he agreed.
So I arrived the venue on time that morning and the training commenced in earnest.
But I ended up violating convention and trained for 7+ hours.
Yet, the trainees and my host were all beaming with smiles, excitement, and vitality, taking lots and lots of notes and asking lots and lots of questions and laughing and laughing.
We had a blast, like a one big family!
And then I finished and suddenly realized that I haven't even had breakfast.
Okay, yeah, they served me something to eat during the lunch break, but I didn't eat it.
"Thanks. But let me finish first and I will eat," I had said.
I was having buckets of fun without feeling the weight of an empty stomach....yet.
As an entrepreneur, I have always been fascinated and awed by the whole workings of passion - particularly when you are doing what you really love and you're adding value to others in the process.
Passion takes you farther.
It keeps you going.
And it also reflects in the way your tribe experience your offerings.
You just want to express it in tons.
Now this is not to suggest that you should starve yourself as you work hard to constantly add value to your clients and build your dreams.
Absolutely not.
But as entrepreneurs, we can't afford not to constantly bring in a good dose of passion into our work and in engaging with those we have been called to serve.
It makes no sense bursting your a*s each day, running a business that doesn't drive or spur you to go the extra mile. If you have decided that being an entrepreneur is the path you have really chosen for yourself, then please note that you can't travel far if you leave passion behind.
Running a business and growing your brand in today's market is a really tough job; you can't do it if you continue to go through the motions.
You need both guts and gusto.
Only then can you go further and farther in this game and win.

Copyright 2016 - Chinonso Ogbogu


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