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STAY IN TOUCH: Case Study of Instagram Founders and Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook - Ogbogu

In April 2012, the founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger, sold out Instagram to Facebook for a whopping sum of $1 billion after just 15 months of launching the idea into the market.
Trust me, you don't include ONLY at the end of such an amount, or do you?
I mean, what would ONLY be doing there?
Okay, let's get serious.

9 years before that, Kevin had met with Mark Zuckerberg while he was still a student at Stanford and shared with him his idea of a photo-sharing site. Mark offered him a job with Facebook but Kevin rejected the offer.
Instead, he chose to nurture his idea and stack up more value for it in the process.
But here's the catch....
Even after he rejected Mark's offer and went on, he constantly stayed in touch with Mark as he built Instagram.
As an entrepreneur, there are times when you feel the urge to run solo with your wonderful ideas because of how passionate & confident you are about them, or how novel they sound to you, or how you crave the freedom of doing your own thing, growing your own wings, and charting your own course.
While doing that is not on its own a wrong thing, you must always remember this.
There are still people who may know better than you. These people seem to have fought the battles and covered a distance before you showed up, so if not for anything, they have that experience capital that you can and should leverage on once in a while.
Just like Kelvin, always stay in touch.
Never assume that you don't need them.
Just because you are the new wonder kid in town and your business idea is second after heaven doesn't still mean you know all corners of the woods far better than those with more experience than you.
In building your business and making your idea work into the future, you must learn to leverage past and existing knowledge and tools that support what you are out to achieve. Have quality and experienced people or support systems you can always fall back to for quality ideas, inspiration, encouragement, or any form of support that help you stay unstuck.
In simple English...
Always stay in touch
That's what real entrepreneurs do.

Copyright 2016 - Chinonso Ogbogu


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